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SoulStar by Lee Moder

The Power Scourge is Coming!

This September, Visionary launches a new Kickstarter, that will launch a new universe, and an entire new creation!

Visionary brings together an amazing group of creators to tell an epic tale in a single volume! What happens to a normal, everyday version of earth, when in a single day, thousands of people suddenly manifest superhuman abilities?

Even worse, those powers are out of control – some in awkward ways, others in catastrophic! Will it be the dawn of a Golden Age, or the last day of life as we know it?

We guarantee this will be an event unlike any you’ve seen in comics before – with incredible tales of wonder, of awe, and of terror!


Get all the details at our Super-Powers Gone Wild Panel at Baltimore on Saturday!





September 2-4, 2016
Friday 1pm-7pm /Saturday 10am-7pm /Sunday 10am-5pm

@ Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD

We’re very excited about our home show at BCC this year, as we will be debuting new books, like Deadlands: Ghostwalkers & Cackler, new art prints and exclusives, AND hosting two star-studded panels, one of which will be the official launch of the single biggest project Visionary has EVER done! Details below!

Visionary Panel: Super-Powers Gone Wild!! / Saturday 2:45-3:45pm
Details Above!

EXCLUSIVE: Attend and get a chance to be involved in this project in a way no one else will! Can you help shape a world?

Panelists: Gary Cohn, Ron Marz, Steve Ellis, Lee Moder, Paris Cullins, and C. Edward Sellner
(Others to be determined.)

Visionary Panel: The Weird West / Sunday 2:45-3:45
Take a ride on the WEIRD side of the Old West, with this star-studded creator panel hosted by Visionary! From Deadlands to Jonah Hex to The Sixth Gun, the weird west has been a place of Cowboys, Indians, Mad Scientists, and supernatural creatures of the night! There’s no place quite like the open desert and isolated towns of the wild west to set dark tales of gunfights and horror. Get the lowdown on great projects out, and more to come from the creators behind them!

Confirmed: Tim Truman, Greg Pak, Steve Ellis, Lee Moder, Gary Cohn, and C. Edward Sellner
(Others to be determined.)

Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover Art

Just Under A Month Until Thunder Moon Rising!
Pre-Order NOW!

There’s still time to pre-order your copy of the next hit Deadlands novel, Thunder Moon Rising, by the amazing Jeff Mariotte, the guy who has been the lead in bringing the game world to the prose fiction world! Do not miss it!

GREAT NEWS – We just received Seanan’s McGuire’s Deadlands manuscript, officially titled Boneyard! It is amazing and we can’t wait to share that one with everyone as well! BAD NEWS – You’re going to have to wait until October, 2017 to get it. Sorry…






Deadlands: Cackler EXCLUSIVE Convention Edition On Sale NOW!

Our next volume of Deadlands has at long last arrived! Shane Lacy Hensley, creator of Deadlands, and superstar artist Bart Sears bring to life the long-held secret origins of the maniacal menace known only as The Cackler! The Direct Edition of this volume is gorgeous, and we’ll have copies through the rest of our shows this year! Want your copy? Find an event near you!


My Comic Life Continues!

Last week we kicked off the return of My Comic Life – The Comic Strip and debuted the brand new, weekly My Comic Life Column where our CCO gives you the insider track to building a career as a creative freelancer. We’ve been running daily updates on the comic strip since, and have the second free-for-all column LIVE as of today!

The Breaking-In Myth – Sellner breaks down the myths of ‘breaking-in’ to comics or any creative freelancer career and begins sharing real in-depth resources for the serious aspiring creator! One of a handful of FREE columns before this becomes a Patreon exclusive.

Here’s the strip that debuted today in various places. Click HERE for the Visionary Madefire reader to get caught up!

008 With a Steamshovel

If you like what you see, check out Sellner’s Patreon – where he offers the whole My Comic Life package for a mere $1 a month!

UPDATE: Sellner hit his first goal, so every patron gets a download link for their own printable-print of God: Whole World the first week of September! If the campaign hits $20 – everyone also gets his exclusive Deadlands: Ghostwalkers print as well! Support his Patreon HERE!

Patreon Banner Kid Ghostwalkers


Next Week – More Power Scourge! More Deadlands, including release dates for Cackler and Raven! More My Comic Life!

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