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WV7-28-16Creating an Omniverse… and Giving Back

By C. Edward Sellner

On Monday, August 1, 2016, I will be launching a Patreon, for my first foray into the crowdfunding world as an individual creator. I am more thrilled than a little kid waking up on Christmas morning in Disney World, and more terrified than a bunch of camp counselors in a horror movie B-flick.

C. Edward Sellner croppedIf you’re a fan of Visionary, then chances are you know who I am – Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, public face of the company, and the guy that does the most conventions under our banner. What you may not know is that I didn’t necessarily get into this industry to launch a creative production studio, and yet somehow, helped build one of the most successful and well-known ones out there. I also didn’t originally get into this to work on other people’s properties as a paid professional, and yet somehow have had the fun of playing in several other sandboxes and enjoyed it tremendously.

Now, the original reason I did get into the entertainment industry, was to work toward the day I could focus my energy on my own creative works, tell my stories, and this Patreon will be the first step in doing just that.

Print God Whole World Art by C. Edward SellnerI’m lucky to have put together an amazing team of people who have helped us grow tremendously. Part of the reason for our expansion this year was to give us the base to start pushing into our next chapter – launching our own projects, our own stories, our own worlds, and doing so in new and exciting ways. The Patreon will be breaking ground on this new venture, and I hope you’ll join me for it.

What will you get for your patronage? Here’s just for openers…

  • My Comic Life – The Comic Strip – will relaunch, with daily public postings until we catch up to where we left off. Patrons then get an early preview of the new weekly strips when they debut, and a chance to appear in future ones.
  • EXCLUSIVE My Comic Life Column – a weekly column on creating comics, sharing resources, tips and pointers.
  • EXCLUSIVE Previews teasers and previews of upcoming Visionary projects, comics, books and more.
  • Original Prose and Comics – new short stories and longer chapter stories with an early debut for Patrons only.
  • BONUS: FREE Art Prints – featuring original and fan art, including hi-res for download and printing your own.

Print Batman Spider-Man BlackBut you’ll not only be getting a bunch of cool stuff to enjoy yourself, you’ll be helping others. The Patreon will help me fund more outreach from Visionary and myself. We launched our Be Visionary Initiative in order to give back to our communities and our industry. We want to expand on that initiative and we need your help!

How you ask? Here’s where we’ll start…

  • My Comic Life Panels – hosted at a growing list of conventions to help aspiring creators by offering real, solid, and practical advice.
  • Be Your Own Super-HeroWorkshops teaching kids to claim their own talents and skills to make a difference.
  • Comic Shop / Convention / Online Portfolio Reviews – Helping directly teach new talent to improve their work with regular portfolio reviews at various locations.
  • Sponsoring Care Packs – free books, prints, and other care packages to good causes and outreach organizations.
  • Pro-bono Consulting Work for Non-Profits – providing art, graphic design and other services for good causes.

SoulStarPatrons will get updates keeping them informed of our efforts on all these fronts, and know you’re helping make it possible.

You’ll also be in on the ground floor of something we think will grow into something pretty amazing. Imagine, a shared Omniverse of amazing characters and stories, one intentionally designed to bring the kind of excitement some of the best shared universes bring – all with works owned and controlled by their actual creators, but all part of a larger whole. Now, stop imagining and help us build it!

Visionary Ideas… Visionary Stories… Visionary Creators.
Look for a Special Update on Monday, the Day the Patreon Launches!


Elsewhere in Visionary News…

Columbia Comi-Con logoJoin Us at Columbia Comic-Con
July 31, 2016 | Sunday 10am-4pm
@ Double Tree Hotel, Columbia MD

Visionary is proud to announce the first show in our new partnership with Artway Alliance! Join Visionary’s C. Edward Sellner, Mike Munshaw and crew for a great event as Galactic Con comes to Columbia! We will not only be exhibiting, but working with Artway Alliance on teaching workshops for kids!

Visionary Panel: Be Your Own Superhero
12pm-1pm at the Artway Alliance Area

We may not live in a world where people fly or lift cars, but we can all discover our own super-powers and be a real super-hero! Join a fun workshop and learn about the great heroes and heroines of comics who are more popular today than ever! Learn what it takes to be a real super-hero, and design your own super-hero look!

Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover Art

Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising Giveaway!

Win your free copy of Thunder Moon Rising by Jeff Mariotte!

Fear is abroad in the Deadlands as a string of brutal killings and cattle mutilations trouble a frontier town in the Arizona Territory, nestled in the forbidding shadow of the rugged Thunder Mountains. A mule train is massacred, homes and ranches are attacked, and men and women are stalked and butchered by bestial killers who seem to be neither human nor animal, meanwhile a ruthless land baron tries to buy up all the surrounding territory – and possibly bring about an apocalypse.

Once an officer in the Union Army, Tucker Bringloe is now a worthless drunk begging for free drinks at the corner saloon. When he’s roped into a posse searching for the nameless killers, Tuck must rediscover the man he once was if he’s to halt the bloodshed and stop occult forces from unleashing Hell on Earth … when the Thunder Moon rises.

Sort of a Big ShowOur Comics Division Chief Brian Augustyn’s amazing podcast, known as Sort of a Big Show continues weekly! Brian is joined by his daughter, Carolyn Augustyn, and Birdie Birdashaw, cartoonist, and the three discuss pop culture at every level! The show is produced by Sanguine Entertainment’s Jacob O’Neil.

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