Weekly Visions 12.8.16: Coming Soon…

Things have been a little hectic around the studio these past few weeks, so we apologize for missing our time together last Thursday, and a rather short update this round! But, the good news is we’re going to more than make it up to you in coming weeks!

We teased sometime back that we were going to start rolling out additional web content on our main site and social networking sites, everything from creator interviews, project previews, features on other goings on in the entertainment industry, and more! Well, that time is upon us, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to start pulling together a ton of material we’re going to start sharing on a more regular basis.

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Weekly Visions will be back in force as of next week, with more detailed news items on everything Visionary. Hitting every Thursday, this will be your main source of news on the studio, its creators, projects, and upcoming events!

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My Comic Life Sundays return this coming Sunday with weekly new strips in the popular webcomic series, along with the in-depth My Comic Life Columns! An addition to this feature will be an ever-growing list of online and other resources for creating comics all of which will be included on the column’s archive page.

Get Creative

Debuting in January, Visionary’s new Get Creative weekly feature will run every Tuesday, chock full of interviews, previews, reviews, and other special features for your entertainment! Get more in-depth behind the scenes from the studio itself, our every growing ranks of awesome creators, and a look at some of the other cool things the studio’s partners, friends, and family are up to!


And starting this month, a new periodic feature, Visionary Spotlight. Unlike our other features, this will run sporadically, and do a focus on a single aspect of the studio. Spotlights will go in depth on our creators, our various services, specific projects, art galleries and more! Look for the first ones to hit soon!

Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover Art

Another Great Review for Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising!

The Nameless ‘Zine has quite a few good things to say about our latest entry in the Deadlands universe! We couldn’t agree more! Check out the review, and then head on over to buy it if you haven’t already!

Now available on Amazon, and at finer bookstores EVERYWHERE!
Check out the Official Publisher Page!

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