Weekly Visions 12.29.16: Our New Year’s Resolutions

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If you’re a regular you may have noticed – we’re quite proud of our name. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s largely because when we chose a name for the studio, we wanted a name to grow into, and we feel we’ve done a pretty good job of doing that so far. But what exactly does it mean for us to live up to that name, to grow into it?

Most assume it just means producing top quality content, garnering top recommended lists, awards, and other nods, which we’ve done. Others assume it means being first or best at what we do and we’ve hit those marks as well in a lot of ways. All of which is wonderful, but only a part of what living up to that name means for us.

For us being Visionary is about being the best creative studio for creators – a haven where creators are treated fairly with respect and appreciation, where they are front and center in their work, as invested as they want to be and taken care of while doing it.  It’s also about being the best creative studio for publishers – going above and beyond to make sure everything they need is done not just to spec, but to perfection. It’s about being the best creative studio for retailers – where they see us as we see them – vital partners in launching any product or series. Our product carries our brand and we’ve always done our best to support retailers and venues on every front, even when others just step back and let the publishers carry that weight.

Most importantly it means for us to be the best creative studio for our clients and our fans. Whether it’s someone who’s hired us for a project, or someone who’s plunked down their hard earned cash for one of our books, we want to make sure they get everything they expected and so much more. It’s one-on-one client and fan relations, answering questions, working out solutions, getting things done and in the hands of those wanting it that plays a big part of what being Visionary is all about. Call our main line, you get one of our Chief executives, email us, you get one of our key staff, message us on Facebook, you get a response almost immediately. We love meeting people at conventions (it’s why we do so many) and we love nothing more than when someone gets excited about a new book from us because it means we got it right.

But there’s more to it than just that.

023 Let's Call It Visionary

For us being Visionary also means making a difference, making an impact, not just in the market, but in the world. Sure we want to tell great stories with stunning art, stories that are fun, some epic, some twisted (hey, we are the Deadlands people after all). But we also know the power of comics and fiction to inspire, to teach, to challenge and that to us is what truly makes visionary work.

We’ve always done our part giving back, to local communities, to the industry, but in 2017 you’ll see a focused effort on Visionary’s part to broaden that on multiple fronts and begin reflecting that in some of the new content we create. We’re thrilled that in 2017 we’ll be announcing multiple partnerships with museums, learning centers, and other non-profit organizations that are all about broadening our horizons and reaching for a better future as we create stories that embody those bold and visionary ideals.

After all, for a studio that got it’s start in comics and went with a name like Visionary, part of its mission has just got to be about saving the world, right?

Meet Our Latest Interns

Visionary is closing out 2016 with it’s single biggest class of interns ever. We introduced most of the crew already, but we added three final, dynamite members to the team and we are looking forward to great things from all these amazing creators!

JordanJordan Loux
An Alfred University (NY) graduate with a BA in Communication Studies, Jordan has a passion for media. He enjoys reading, writing, film and any other medium that works to convey a story. Recently he has returned from a year abroad working at TTV Productions in Israel.




JasmineJasmine Wilson
Jasmine is an aspiring comic book, children’s book, and cartoon writer. She was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and has always loved visual culture, specifically photography, comics, cartoons, and graphic novels. Jasmine is currently a senior English major at Howard University and plans to utilize her background as a writing tutor, editor, and researcher of comics as a Visionary Intern this year.



BradfordBradford Spady
Bradford Olander Spady is an artist with a focus on character design. A graduate of Langley High School in McLean, VA, Bradford studies cartooning at the Cafritz Art Center at Montgomery College, Takoma Park, and professional on-line art classes with Schoolism, based in Canada. Bradford has worked on a special White House Project to design the 2011 Christmas card and participated in a half day at Disney with two Disney illustrators for one-on-one tutoring. He has had solo art shows and is now a proud intern at Visionary. Bradford resides in Reston, VA.


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