Weekly Visions 10.13.16: Reviews & an East / West Weekend with Visionary

Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising headerDeadlands: Thunder Moon Rising

We love great reviews, and our books have gotten quite a few, but this recent one at Geeks of Doom really stood out to us.

It not only talks about the great story by author, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, but takes note of the amazing art team that’s been working on our Deadlands novels.

So, we thought we’d share a few excerpts!

“So, here we have a tale of what is on the back book cover affectionately called the Weird West. That couldn’t be more accurate, if you ask me. Strange things are happening in a tiny town in the Arizona Territory. It starts with animals being slaughtered in the most horrific ways and is soon followed by macabre slayings of local townfolk and ranch hands. As the story moves forward we get glimpses of what is causing it, though it makes no sense to the locals or the reader, for that matter. It gets progressively more violent until it almost seems that walking outside will get you killed. Only one man seems brave enough to follow the trail of death and destruction to its source, even though he might forfeit his life doing so. That man is Tucker Bringloe, former Union Officer turned drunken vagabond.”

“Bringloe stumbled upon the problem, quite literally, after one of the murders. Following a dangerous and deadly chase, he comes away with a healthy respect for the killer and though he tries to rally the town and gain information, he finds many people reluctant, or even resistant, to helping him track down those responsible.”

“I expected a fun story that revolves around the game setting or maybe even forces a few of the game mechanics into the thread, helping to tie it into the system itself. I was pleasantly surprised to find none of that at all. No trappings of RPGs exist within this tale. Instead, we get an expertly written novel from Jeffrey J. Mariotte that redefines the concept of the western story. Heavily laden with mysterious undertones and dank, dark settings, this tale circles around and around like a maelstrom pulling the reader deeper within its clutches, disallowing any retreat. You’ll find yourself forgoing sleep in order to read just one more chapter, only to leave you wanting to read even more.”

“And unlike the vast majority of books in this day and age, this one comes with illustrations scattered throughout. But not just some pencil and ink drawings; no, these are more like old wooden carvings, expertly rendered by Steve Ellis to show depth and emotion in the simplest of ways. In fact, were it not for the publication date in the book, I would have thought they were copies of something from the nineteenth century. That’s how expertly era-oriented they are!”

‘This book has such broad appeal that I hesitate to mention any one demographic that might enjoy it more than another. Within this story we have a variety of genres: horror, fantasy, western, romance, historical fiction, and more. Plus, you don’t have to have any connection with the game to enjoy this. I say that because I know almost nothing about the bestselling role-playing game. I will, however, be looking into it along with this particular author and other books in this series. It has made me a fan and I’ve never even played the game! That’s how convincing this writer has been. He has managed to create within me an interest in all things Deadlands.”

A Weekend with Visionary – East and West

Last week we updated everyone on our full slate of shows through the rest of the year. But we still wanted to remind folks this coming weekend is a chance to meet Visionary creators on opposite sides of the country – from Hampton to Tucson!

Hampton Comic-ConHampton ComicCon Logo
October 15, 2016 / Saturday 10am-6pm
@Hampton Convention Center, Hampton VA

Join the Visionary Crew for the single-day event! We’ll have our regular stock, plus new titles, and an exclusive preview of new projects coming from Visionary!




Barnes & Noble Book Signing: Jeffrey J. Mariotte & Marsheila Rockwell
@Chandler Fashion Center, Chandler, AZ / October 15, 2016 / Saturday 4-6pm

Join Visionary’s Edtor-in-Chief and Book Division Chief, Jeffrey J. Mariotte and Marsheila Rockwell for a book signing! They’ll be signing their 7 Sykos novel and Jeff will be signing copies of Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising!

Now available on Amazon, and at finer bookstores EVERYWHERE!
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