Visionary’s BIG10 Begins This Spring!

Welcome to Springtime! Despite the snowy start some parts of the country had, we’re more than ready for it here at Visionary Central! Spring is a season of new beginnings and growth, and this one will be truly Visionary!

We started 2015 strong, with our Deadlands trifecta: a hugely successful Kickstarter with the Cackler, a strong pre-order campaign for Dead Man’s Hand in stores April 1st, and the announcement of Ghostwalkers from New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry and Tor Books!

We also launched our hit comic strip, My Comic Life which marks its twelfth consecutive week of publication with today’s latest strip…

MCL Promo StripHey! It’s MY COMIC LIFE! It’s a lesson in business as Visionary’s origin continues! Like it? Let us know? Comment and Share!
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So, why are we going all out? Well, this Spring we kick off our 10th Anniversary celebration and we plan to go BIG! You’ll notice some things changing over the next few weeks, then kick into high gear as of May, when we party every weekend at various events and conventions (details next week)!

As part of our BIG10 we’re going to be revamping and expanding our Services section of our site, announcing new package deals and specialized services, and strutting our stuff online! We’re also going to be doing giveaways and other special promotions for our fans, so all you Visionaries out there should stay tuned!

_main illo-final

Artist Richard Clark takes us to Star Wars actor John Morton’s TapCaf, just one example of Visionary’s new Fine Art Services coming soon!


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