Visionary Update

Greetings to all our subscribers! We wanted to give all of you a heads up on our current status!

You may have noticed our posting schedule has gone a bit astray, we hoped to get on top of things this week, however, it appears our main site is in need of some upgrades and TLC, we also have some core content we need to get polished and done for some of the cool things coming this Spring, and finding the bandwidth to do that and maintain our thrice-weekly posting is proving daunting.

So, we are taking a little hiatus, not more than a week or two, to regroup, get some core content updated, get some cool things in place, build up some lead time on content, and will then resume by end of February at the latest.

We appreciate folks checking out our posts and content, and we want to make sure to give everyone who comes to our site the best experience. Thanks!

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