Visionary News: PET PIRANHA Partnership

VISIONARY NEWS- June 21, 2016:

Visionary Creative Services to provide interior page artwork for Astral Genesis, an original science fiction graphic novel from PET PIRANHA Entertainment.

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From Pet Piranha’s press release:

June 20, 2016
Posted by Jay Magnum

Pet Piranha Entertainment has retained Visionary Creative Services LLC to produce the interior pages and provide pre-press services for Astral Genesis, the company’s upcoming science-fiction/action-adventure graphic novel.  In total, one hundred twenty pages of original interior art will be created for the project.

Interior page pencils will be provided by Ariel Medel (Xena: Warrior PrincessJohn Carter: Warlord of Mars), who also designed the cover art.  The pages will be inked by Victor Ricardo Nava.  Colors will be supplied by Ander Zarate, who also contributed the colors for Mr. Medel’s cover designs.  Lettering for the graphic novel will be furnished by Jacob Bascle.

Art Director, Michael Munshaw, will be coordinating interior-art activities for Visionary Comics.  Jay Magnum will continue to manage the overall graphic novel project at Pet Piranha EntertainmentLauren Lee will serve as Executive Producer.

Visionary Creative Services LLC, a creator-friendly studio, and the largest digital first-publisher in the comics market, was launched in 2006 by Chief Creative Officer, C. Edward Sellner.

“We had already been working with Mike and Ariel through Visionary on the character designs and covers,” explained Pet Piranha company founder, Jay Magnum, “They did a wonderful job for us on those projects so I’m excited we’ve been able to bring their proven talents to the interior-art phase, as well.”

“We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Visionary,” added Magnum, “The interior artwork in Astral Genesis is going to be spectacular!”



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