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Visionary debuted its two publishing imprints after it launched its digital-publishing initiative in 2011. The imprints were to help define the two very different focal points for the company.

“The whole point of the digital publishing initiative was to both celebrate the diversity of comics, and to show the world what Visionary could do, the level of quality we could achieve.” Chief Creative Officer C. Edward Sellner shared in an interview. “We wanted to celebrate and help support the independent comics market, but we also wanted to show we could produce quality, both in production and publishing that could stand proud next to anything else on the stands of the mainstream market.” With that, Indi-Visions, and Visionary Select were born.

IndieVisionsIndi-Visions are those titles published by Visionary with a fiercely independent flavor. Some of these books might be diamonds still in the rough, sometimes with art, sometimes with story, but something about them still shines through.

Visionary_SelectVisionary Select represents those highest quality titles Visionary has published, and those produced in-house by the studio itself. “The Select brand is Visionary through and through.” Sellner added.

Visionary celebrates our current imprints and will be running a number of spotlights on various published titles as we ramp up to launch a new imprint in 2014. “We’re laying the ground work now for a new imprint that will be the imprint Visionary was created for. We can’t wait for folks to start seeing the first teasers for these titles, as we shift our focus to developing this exciting new line.”

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