Visionary Hatches some Halloween Horror!


Visionary Comics is proud to announce the release of five full-length horror stories through our partnership with iVerse Media on their Comics Plus app.  Just in time for Halloween!

Aposperos: Merchant of Souls, written by Nektarios Chrissos with art by George Martzoukos.  Aposperos is a Soul-Merchant, when someone sells their soul to the Devil, Aposperos collects the debt. But when he is confronted by a selfless sacrifice, his conscience awakens and sets him on a journey that will turn him against his old masters and reveal the horrible truth behind the soul-trade. A sophisticated thriller with secret societies, mysteries and intrigue.


Out of Order, with story and art by D-Art.  Anytime you think you’ve had a bad day at the office, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Dirk is stuck working late at the office.  On the bright side, he’s stuck there with Jessica, the new (and extremely hot) I.T. Tech.  Unfortunately for the both of them, an extremely unfriendly monster from another dimesion is about to enter the picture.  Check out this sci-fi office comedy manga from newcomer D-Art!


Underside, written by Matthew McLean with art by Phillip Neudorf.  When a chance encounter with an ‘infected’ woman opens a whole new world for a reporter, he’s determined to tell the story of a lifetime. Even though it’s a story no one wants to hear.

Welcome to the Underside!


Offspring, written by Chris McCay with art by Kirk Kugel and Mike Munshaw.  Half-human, half-vampire…all woman! The story of Margot, a child abandoned who returns home to a world of shadows and blood just in time for a war with her father’s greatest nemesis! Will she accept the power that courses through her veins and stand against the creature that attempted to slay her as an infant?


Proof that rock and roll never dies, deceased rocker Billy Jump rises from the grave to continue his musical legacy. Livelihood: Bill Jump is the prequel to the hit independent film Livelihood.

LIVELIHOOD, the movie, is a zombie comedy that tells the tales of an 80s rock start, a corporate lackey, and and evil mother-in-law who die, only to come back to life in a world that has long since forgotten about them.  It is John Hughes meets George Romero, and has been called “laugh out loud funny; even brilliant”, a “comic masterpiece, and ‘a cult classic”.

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