Visionary Comics Releases Ed Laroche’s The Study on Comics Plus

Visionary is proud to announce the release on Comics Plus of stunning content from hot new comics’ creator Ed Laroche (maverick writer/artist of Almighty ) in our ongoing partnership with iVerse Media. The Study is a sci-fi, action adventure featuring the story of a young man whose life has been changed forever after he signs up for a clinical study. Thinking he’ll be part of a drug study, he’s actually exposed to alien DNA which gives him superhuman powers. Now, he’s out to shut down the government conspiracy behind the study and to rescue his son.


Originally conceived of as a teaser for the feature film currently in development by State & Cabrillo Productions, the first chapter of The Study Graphic Novel is now being made available exclusively to Visionary Comics as a digital download.   “I was approached by one of the producers that held the option on the script,” says Laroche.  “They had seen my work and felt that I would fit nicely with what they wanted to do with the Graphic novel.  What’s going on these days is that when people go in and pitch action properties having something visual as a “leave behind” helps get everyone on board and up to speed.”


C Edward Sellner, Chief Creative Officer for Visionary had this to say, “I was thrilled when Ed offered to bring The Study to Visionary as an exclusive. I’ve been a fan of his work since I met him at a convention and picked up The Almighty, so debuting an Ed Laroche exclusive is a high point for me and for Visionary.”


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