Visionary 2.0 – The NEXT Decade!

Page HeaderYou may have noticed some changes sweeping across the Visionary web-site, and we wanted to give our loyal fans a heads up before our HUGE announcement tomorrow. After celebrating our BIG10 anniversary in the Spring, and a crazy summer, we’re now transitioning into our NEXT decade, with Visionary 2.0!

Visionary is going to radically change in coming months, and we’re just now showing the very first signs. See, Visionary ain’t just comics anymore – now? Well, you’ll just have to see piece by piece!

Visionary BooksThe first piece isn’t going to be a surprise for those who follow us, as tomorrow marks our entry into the prose book market (you know, those books without as many pictures and lots more words). So, tomorrow marks the official birthday of Visionary Books, our new prose division.

Also, anyone who knows us, knows first and foremost we are a Production Studio, we make the cool stuff! And now, that core identity of Visionary will be bigger, better, and more prominent than ever under the banner of Visionary Creative Services.

Creative Services

Comics? Books? Fine Art? Branding? Graphic Design? Storyboarding? Concept Art? Kickstarter Packaging? Visionary does it all, and we’ll be launching a whole new section of our web-site dedicated to showing off our visionary talents!

You can find out more about the all-new Visionary at our main site.
Check out the just announced new divisions and imprints HERE…

Also, get up to date on our upcoming Fall Events NOW!

Oh, and that announcement tomorrow? Okay… one exclusive tease courtesy of visionary artist, Steve Ellis…




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