Website development and other marketing services for Visionary are provided by VineBUZZ.


Meet the primary team working to bring the Visionary message online!

Ken Garber, VineBUZZ Partner

Ken Garber

…is an experienced inbound marketer with a background in the newspaper industry, both in Editorial positions, and in Advertising. He brings wordsmith talents to VineBUZZ projects, and an innate talent for finding the best way to push the brand on the web and through social media.

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LieslLiesl Lukacs

…is the technical partner in VineBUZZ, with a background in project and systems management. She worked for USA TODAY for many years, most recently managing and guiding the staff of the Corporate Technical Help Desk for USA TODAY. She brings a sharp eye for the best solution and organization of websites and marketing campaigns.

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We are absolutely delighted to be working with such a fun and talented team as the one at Visionary.

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