The NEW Visionary Begins!

We’ve been hinting for some time, showing bits and pieces, but now we’re ready to start unveiling the whole master plan, and what will be the NEW Visionary that will carry us into our second decade of creating awesomeness!

We’ve already announced our new branding, with our core focus shifting to the banner of Visionary Creative Services and our labels expanding with the addition of Visionary Books to the already established Visionary Comics.

This week we just relaunched our totally revamped main site. Now, more dynamic, interactive and engaging thanks to our marketing team at VineBUZZ! Check it out in-depth! We’ll be continuing to add content and features throughout the month of November!

The next announcements will be at our Visionary 2.0 panel at Tucson Comic Con on Sunday, November 8th at 12pm Arizona time. Join us LIVE at the event, or be sure to check our main site as we’ll be posting the full news once the panel begins.

More announcements will be coming throughout the rest of 2015 and into 2016. We’re just getting started, and when we’re done, it’ll be a whole new Vision!


  1. Amazing news!! HUGE even!

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