Visionary’s Live @ GenCon


Visionary has been live at GenCon since opening day on Thursday, August 14th, and what a show it’s been. The largest gaming show remains one of our biggest convention stops of the year, and one of the most fun as well. Many thanks to Studio2 and Pinnacle Entertainment who are hosting us again this year, and special thanks to Pinnacle crew Shane Hensley and Jodi Black for all they do on our behalf.

“GenCon is a bit different for us this year,” said Co-Founder C. Edward Sellner. “We’ve spent the last few months laying the groundwork for some amazing things, and GenCon has been a bit of the capstone for that prep, as some of the final pieces of the puzzle are being fitted into place.”

Visionary has already announced the pending launch of a new line and a new direction for later this year, but now as things firm up, we can tell you that all will be made known as of Baltimore Comic-Con in September.

“Baltimore will be our biggest show ever, and our This is Visionary panel at the show will be where we spill a lot of the details,” Sellner added.

Visionary’s Deadlands’ trades and specialty deck playing cards, for both Dead Man’s Hand  and the Raven Kickstarter edition are available at the Pinnacle booth 1317 as part of the Studio2 island. GenCon and Baltimore will be the last major shows to get the Dead Man’s Hand digest convention exclusive before that edition is forever shelved.


Welcome to a Visionary Summer!

CMYK_LogoEver worked hard on something for a long time, wondering if it would ever pay off? Ever wondered if you really could live your dreams and make it real?

This summer, and the rest of this year is going to be that payoff for Visionary! A lot of the groundwork we’ve been laying for the last several years is coming together in exciting new opportunities that just keep getting bigger and better, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

We’ve hinted at it over the last few months, planted a few teasers, but now, its time, time to start slowly pulling the curtain back on everything coming!

This won’t just be the big payoff for us, but also for all our fans out there, the ones who’ve rooted for us, and supported us in all our efforts, from our digital sales, to loyal convention fans, to our wonderful Kickstarter supporters. You folks have made this happen, so we hope you enjoy it all!

Join us on our main site, and all our ancillary sites, blogs, social networking etc. as we overhaul our look, our content, our brand, and start rolling out the best year ever! We’ll be running new features, posting new content, teasers for new comics, and be doing contests, giveaways and other promotional fun all to get everyone as excited as we are.

This is going to be truly Visionary!

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