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CacklerCoverDeadlands: The Cackler is Coming!

Our Kickstarter continues to climb, thanks to all of our wonderful supporters! We’ve got some awesome stretch goals to reach, and still time to get on board for this wild-weird-western epic! New pages for issue 1 are now up on our web comic portal!

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IDW DMH Cover Preview

Curious about Dead Man’s Hand? Get interviews with all the creators, behind the scenes stories and designs, and extended previews of each one-shot! Over 36 pages of story and art, FREE!

Awesome talent includes: David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Jeff Mariotte, and Brook Turner.
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Deadlands: The Cackler is Coming!


February 3, 2015
Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment are bringing the next volume of the original weird-western to life with Deadlands: The Cackler!

Deadlands, the game that defined the Weird West, mixing elements of the classic Western with Horror and Steampunk to create a unique world of monsters, myths, magic and gunslingers has been enjoying a huge resurgence of popularity and making its mark in the world of comics and soon prose, with huge announcements in recent months.

The first collection of the “All-Star Western” one-shots originally published by Image, is now available through pre-order from IDW, and has a special promotional campaign still running, where anyone pre-ordering the book can get two free digital books, a Deadlands comic, and game book.

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IDW DMH Cover PreviewVisionary has posted interviews with all the creators, behind the scenes stories and designs, and extended previews of each one-shot! Over 36 pages of story and art, FREE! Awesome talent from the book includes: David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Jeff Mariotte, and Brook Turner.

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A partnership between Visionary and Tor Books was also recently announced, with three Deadlands novels to premiere starting in Fall of 2015, starting with New York Times’ bestselling author, Jonathan Maberry’s Ghostwalkers.

Building on that momentum, Pinnacle and Visionary launched a Kickstarter campaign just last week to fund the development of the next graphic novel entitled Deadlands: The Cackler.

Written by the creator of the game, Shane Lacy Hensley, the book reveals the secret origins of one of the most notorious villains of the setting, a maniacal harrowed who has scoured the weird west in search of a blood relative for sinister reasons. The book is being drawn by comics legend Bart Sears and colors are from Michael Atiyeh, and while the campaign is just a few hundred dollars away from its lofty goal, there is still plenty of time to get on board.

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“We wanted to do something never before done in the history of licensed gaming comics,” said C. Edward Sellner, CCO of Visionary Comics. “We’re about to hit the 20th anniversary of the game, and with all the developments on the property, we wanted to bring something that both lifelong fans of the game would love, but also be hugely appealing to new fans. We wanted a graphic novel that hit the same marks of quality as our previous Deadlands comics, with top creators. We wanted something that only the creator of the game itself could write, a story central to the core of the world, and one that would shake it to its’ very roots. On that score The Cackler delivers.”

The campaign runs until March 5th and includes a number of extra rewards, and an exclusive Kickstarter edition of the book that won’t be available anywhere else. Fans of the game will enjoy the ties to the backstory of the world, but the story stands firmly on its own as a classic and stunning weird western.

Visionary is releasing the entire first issue throughout the campaign, with new pages added to their web-comic portal every Tuesday.

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Pinnacle Entertainment and Visionary Comics!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be a great time for you and yours. We’re celebrating all the great Deadlands goodies coming at you, so we want to share the joy—here’s how to get your Deadlands celebration rolling TODAY!

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Interview With Santa Shane Hensley!

Shane_TombstoneHe may not actually be Kris Kringle, but this year Deadlands creator Shane Hensley is in a pretty joyous mood. As we ramp up the 20th Anniversary celebration, there’s lots of excitement and we thought it would be a good time for the two head honchos, from Pinnacle and Visionary, to dig a little more into Deadlands lore, and dish some more details on what’s coming up from the Pinnacle / Visionary Partnership!

CES: Alright Shanester, let’s start at the beginning for all the newbies. What’s Deadlands all about?

SH: Deadlands is a Weird Western where the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, known as the Reckoners, are trying to bring about a Hell on Earth so they can walk upon it in the flesh. They do this by nurturing fear to drench the earth in dark, supernatural energy that can sustain their physical manifestation.

That’s the “meta level” and the back story that ties all the various Deadlands games together—the original Weird Wetern, the post-apocalyptic “Wasted” West” of Hell on Earth, Deadlands Noir, and Deadlands Lost Colony—which takes place on the far fringes of space.

CES: Sound like real fun at your holiday party.

SH: Characters in the property rarely know any of this though. They’re focused on more local events and what’s right in front of their faces. Our heroes are usually concerned with the dead coming back to life or the haunt that lives in the old Jenkins’ place.

CES: I could see that.

SH: But by defeating even these local terrors, they’re slowly—bit by bit—battling the Reckoners as well. Besides lightning-fast gunslingers, brave Indian warriors, and other standards in the Weird West, Deadlands also has a number of “arcane backgrounds,” characters who have developed supernatural powers to fight the good fight. Hucksters make dark bargains for power, hurling playing cards charged with energy or casting other “hexes” and spells. Mad scientists use a super fuel called “ghost rock” to power infernal gizmos and weapons. Shamans channel power from nature spirits, and the blessed draw spiritual magic directly from the distant but always present powers of good.

Most importantly, in the world of Deadlands, those with particularly strong wills can come back from the dead—hence the name. The price is high though—the “Harrowed” crawl out of their graves by way of “manitous,” evil spirits that vie for control of their host. Those Harrowed who maintain “dominion” over their demonic rider can quickly develop additional supernatural powers as well.

CES: So, nice mix of Western, Horror, Mystical and Steampunk. One reason we did the four one-shots originally, with each issue leaning more or less toward one of those foundational elements. Fantastic! How did this all come about? What made you create Deadlands?

SH: The original inspiration came from a Brom / White Wolf painting that was later used for their Vampire the Masquerade game. The book was Necropolis: Atlanta, and it featured a vampire with his crossed guns in front of a tattered rebel flag. (I originally saw it as the cover of their magazine though and didn’t realize he was a vampire.) I saw it at a convention (GenCon), and had a 16 hour drive home afterwards, through the long, dark night. I couldn’t get that image of the undead “cowboy” out of my head. I kept wondering “What was so important in life that he crawled up out of his grave for?”

Slowly, all the ideas began to take form. I eventually put the game together for my home group. Everyone seemed to love it, so I decided to do it for real.

CES: And everything grew from there?

SH: Yes. We were very fortunate. At first we were told that Westerns don’t sell, so we planned on a small print run, then we’d blow the world up and let the bad guys win—a story that would be told in the post-apocalyptic sequel, Hell on Earth. We did that, but as Deadlands proved successful we made it official that the Reckoners cheated…Hell on Earth wasn’t inevitable. Exactly how that works is best left to the books themselves, but we think it’s a pretty cool story. Short version? The Reckoners do lose and Hell on Earth is avoided—but then they cheat. At least in the official timeline.

CES: Sounds like a world and setting that would appeal to comics fans on multiple levels. You got your genre points, you got your epic backstory, you got your whole worlds of characters and even your own twisted timelines and alternate futures. We should do Deadlands comics! Oh, wait…

CES: Now…tell us about the Cackler.

SH: In college, I ran one of my favorite Dungeons & Dragons® campaign settings, Dark Sun. One of the villains was an albino elf with long, stringy hair and round, rose-colored sun-glasses who giggled after he insulted the heroes. I did the laugh when I ran the games and my players hated that guy. It stuck with me years later when we created Deadlands.

We had always planned on Deadlands being a property, not just a roleplaying game, and one of the things we were excited about was pitching an animated series—something like HBO’s Spawn. We didn’t know it was going to be so short-lived at the time, of course, but we thought a dark, adult-oriented animated show would be a fantastic way to explore the Weird West. I did a treatment for it and knew that my villain would be my giggling fiend from so many years earlier. “The Giggler” didn’t sound particularly menacing, so I called him “the Cackler.”

Since we wanted this to be an animated series, I wanted the Cackler’s origin to be something that was unveiled over a long season, and when people found out—when they deciphered all the clues—the payoff would be worth it. That meant he had to come from a story we either set the groundwork for or was a story most people already knew. The albino angle stuck with me hard and I knew exactly who he was. Who he was defined what he was doing. What he was doing had the ability to change the world of Deadlands.

And just like with the Reckoners and Hell on Earth, I knew I wasn’t afraid to let the bad guys win. You’ll have to read the graphic novel to find out exactly what that means.

CES: Speaking of which we got our first full-color tease from that, with art from legendary Bart Sears!

Cackler Promo

CES: Now, that’s just to whet your whistle! We’ll run the second half of this here interview next week amigos! And start looking for regular little teasers of art from the upcoming Kickstarter campaign! Bart is KILLING this! So, Shane, you gonna “HoHoHo” for us.

SH: No.

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