Thunder Moon Rising Debuts, Kickstarter News and More!

Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover ArtDeadlands: Thunder Moon Rising – Now Rising on the Charts!

The second Deadlands novel, this one from author Jeffrey J. Mariotte, hit stores today and is already shaking the charts with its supernatural, western thunder, hitting number one for ‘science-fiction westerns’ and top ten for other sub-genre westerns.

And the reviews are already coming in!

“In the end, Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising is a great book that can not only be enjoyed by tabletop gamers but also fans of steampunk, science-fiction and history. The author does an immaculate job of creating a world that fans of Deadlands can truly explore and enjoy.” – Amanda Dyar of BioGamer Girl

Now available on Amazon, and at finer bookstores EVERYWHERE!
Check out the Official Publisher Page!


Power Scourge KS BannerKickstarter Campaign for Power Scourge Update

There’s a quote about ‘best-laid plans’ and it definitely applies here. We had a great plan to really make our first direct Kickstarter an utterly amazing project that we knew could really catch on and become a huge success. We hit some bumps in getting everything ramped up, but rallied and managed to hit the launch deadline, even though it was a bit more forced than we liked, mostly thanks to an amazing team at the core of creating the initial content.

Then, we got pretty good confirmation we were right on the potential when we launched at Baltimore Comic-Con. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We left the con feeling there was no stopping us now!

Unfortunately, life had other plans. While Visionary has grown we are still a relatively small company, and a number of unforeseen circumstances with some key folks on our campaign team just piled up fast and furious, undermining a lot of our plans to promote, engage and build the campaign the way we intended. As a result, the necessary pieces of making this successful just did not happen.

Now, we could just try to push through, and try to hit the minimum goal, but that was not our intent, and we don’t want to ‘settle.’ We want all those great stories from all of our awesome creators and we want to have to go looking for more from top writers and artists to meet the demand.

As a result, we are going to suspend the campaign for now. By Kickstarter policy, that will mean canceling the funding and doing a full relaunch when we’re ready, once we’ve regrouped, replaced some key strategists and plans, and have a much more solid ground under our feet. We will also have more promotional and preview material in time for the relaunch, and once we come back, we will make it happen!

So, we certainly hope all of you will come back on board when we do relaunch. We will have promotional resources to help push the campaign from your end, and a more fully mapped out strategy and overview for the book to make it easier to jump in. If you decide to pass, or can’t, we understand and deeply apologize. Know, we seriously respect our fans and it is never our intent for something to not work out, but there are times those best-laid plans…

Thanks for all your support in all we do.

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Weekly Visions 9.8.16: Powers, Harveys and Making Comics!

Visionary has a LOT of exciting things happening, with even more to come over the next few months! Here’s the hottest pieces of news at the moment…


Power Scourge KS Banner

Visionary Kickstarter: Power Scourge is LIVE and needs YOUR Support!

We’re launching our own universe, with a star-studded cast of creators, doing an origin story by way of epic crossover event. What happens on a normal world much like our own, when a plague of superhuman powers sweeps the planet, thousands manifesting extreme abilities, and ALL of them totally out of control? The Power Scourge is coming! Find out how you can gain out of control super-powers and be forever memorialized in the Visionary Universe!

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Visionary had an AWESOME show at Baltimore this year! great response to our new books, our Kickstarter and our studio as a whole! Thanks for keeping it real Baltimore!

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Power Scourge – Super Powers Gone Wild Panel

The Weird West – Journey to the Weird Side Panel

Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover ArtWe are in the last stretch before our second Deadlands novel, Thunder Moon Rising, from Jeff Mariotte hits stands! On sale in finer bookstores everywhere as of September 20th!

You can still pre-order your copy NOW!

We’re also thrilled to report the manuscript for the next novel, Boneyard, by Seanan McGuire is now in Pinnacle Editorial for final tweaks to make sure its 100% Deadlands! This is an awesome story about a carnival of freaks roaming the Deadlands!

Also, an update, while our first book, Ghostwalkers, by Jonathan Maberry  got nominations for both the Scribe Award and the Dragon Awards, we are sorry to say it didn’t win. But the fact our first book out the gate has done so well is great news! Many thanks to all of you who supported it in various ways!

If you haven’t read it yet, you really should fix that NOW!



Image result for crimson hardcover volume 1Speaking of Baltimore, and awards, a big round of applause for two of our Visionaries whose work from some time back got a very nice award win this weekend at Baltimore! Years ago, artist Humberto Ramos teamed up with Brian Augstyn to create the popular series Crimson. Jeff Mariotte, during his stint at Wildstorm, worked with the team on the original run. BOOM Studios did a beautiful hardcover collection of the series – and this weekend it won a coveted Harvey Award! Well deserved gents!


Meanwhile, our Chief Creative Officer has posted his latest and LAST public My Comic Life Column, as he continues breaking down the basics of building a comics career as a freelancer. My Comic Life has become a popular regional convention panel, being featured at several shows the second-half of 2016 alone! Get more of his in-depth insight every week by supporting his Patreon!


Visionary continues a massive run of shows this Fall, with multiple shows, including the Seafood Festival, Annapolis Comic-Con, Baltimore Book Festival, New York Comic-Con, and Hampton Comic-Con! Get the Details HERE!

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The Power Scourge Has Begun!

Power Scourge KS Banner

Visionary has launched our MEGA Kickstarter project – Power Scourge!

What happens when a superhuman plague sweeps the planet,
thousands of people gaining powers but those powers are all out of control?

Visionary launches the Visionary Creation line with an origin story done as an epic crossover! It’s not the origin of a single hero – but of a universe! Join superstar creators in an EVENT series in one powerful volume!

Click on the campaign for all the details!

Our CCO has also shared his latest My Comic Life Column – first in a series of columns about building a career as a creative freelancer in the comic industry. This will be one of the last public columns before it goes exclusive to Patreon!
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My Comic Life The Comic Strip is also nearing the end of its special promotion dailies run! Enjoy the latest below!
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My Comic Life, Visionary Comics

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