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We are experimenting! No, don’t worry, no mad scientist kind of experiments – at least not yet. We want to expand and spotlight our weekly content, to better engage our fans, build interest in our properties, and give folks a chance to connect with our creators in ways other studios and publishers don’t.

To that end, we’re introducing My Comic Life Sundays! A chance every week to connect with little ol’ me, Visionary’s CCO C. Edward Sellner. Every Sunday I’ll debut a brand new My Comic Life comic strip. I’ll also be rolling out the My Comic Life Column, a weekly column on building a freelance career. Hopefully, together, we’ll build a public forum for aspiring creators to learn and discuss, as well as a place for fans and myself to connect other than conventions.


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Catch up with the My Comic Life Comic Strip on our Reader>>

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My Comic Life Column 001 – It’s a Comic Life After All

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“A COLUMN?!?” I remember saying rather acerbically. “Yeah, been there, done that.”

“And it was a good thing, so you should do it again,” replied Charlie Hall, my business partner and one of the few guys I trust to run Visionary, my little creative studio paradise.

It was another of our conversations about raising the profile of the studio and myself as a creator, and about getting out there in the media focused on our initial industry of choice. All of which was well and good, but I struggled with what exactly I could wrap a weekly column around that would be a worthwhile contribution to the comics world in general. If it couldn’t be new and different and stand out from the rest, as far as I was concerned, what was the point? Beyond that, where would I go with it? Where could I set up my little corner of the internet to feature my ongoing rants?

So I started thinking about it and trying to come up with a different angle on things, something others hadn’t done before, at least not in the same way. The more I thought about it, I realized the most unique thing about my comic life experience… has been my comic life experience.

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The Point! 

I’ve read a lot of columns that talk about a professional creator’s road to “breaking in” (I’ll talk about why that’s a lousy expression next time). Others share reflections on various experiences along the way, and still others dig into different creative aspects and focus on the “how-to” of making comics (which I did myself for a while). I’ve also read a lot of opinion columns that focus on different aspects of the industry, from indie, to digital, to retailing, etc. But most all of them feel like pieces of a larger puzzle that don’t even try to fit together into a whole.

These approaches, by themselves, never seem to incorporate the broader perspective, to show how things do indeed fit together. The creator is all about creating, the business guys all about the numbers, the big guys about a scope and scale beyond most of us, while for the little guys, it’s just the struggle, and never shall any meet in the middle. At worst many seem either blissfully unaware of other aspects of the bigger picture, or at the least, they rarely discuss how all those other pieces should tie together.

On one level, this is understandable given people’s varying expertise and the format of a weekly column. But on another level, I’ve often thought it would be nice to see something more holistic and integrated, which might focus on a given topic in any given column, but would do so in a way that encompasses more of the totality. Something that over time, brings many of those disparate elements together to paint a complete image of the comic industry, one that peers into all the little corners and brings them to light, and even more important, in focus in relationship to one another. The simple fact is, especially for us ‘little guys,’ we need to understand most all of it because we aren’t just a creator, we’re also our own agents, marketing team, legal consultant, etc., etc.

I then started thinking about my journey on this road and realized some things. First, my story ain’t like any other story I’ve ever heard about getting into comics, which, truthfully, all of us in the industry can say to varying levels. Sure, it has its touchstones that are similar, but overall, it’s been a unique path that falls a little further outside the norm than most.

Second, I have something of that broader perspective because I’ve been involved professionally in so many different aspects of the business at so many levels. I’m a published writer, colorist, artist, and editor. I’ve worked indie and have credits from major publishers, on my own work, as well as collaborating with others, and also been a paid professional working for hire. I’ve worked with brand-new creators doing their first paid work in comics, helping to bring them up in the fold, and with literal legends in the industry. I’ve also worked the business angle for a few companies, doing everything from marketing to management to licensing work, so I know both sides of that coin as well. Now, with Visionary, working from scratch, I’ve built a growing studio and digital publisher, which has created its own niche in the industry and made an impact. No wonder I want a column that tries to connect the dots to all these different aspects of the industry, and no wonder I find some of the others out there narrower in their perspective than I like. Don’t even get me started on our move into other media and now balancing multiple industries in our daily operations.

Third, I’m walking this path at a time the comics’ industry is at several very major crossroads. In many ways, NOW (I don’t think Marvel has trademarked that yet) is probably the most exciting time in comics since their original inception. A lot of what I’ve done COULD NOT have been done just five years ago. A lot of the opportunities that Visionary has jumped on—sometimes even led on—have been new opportunities that didn’t exist for long before we were there. In a couple of those areas, I like to think that we helped light the way for those who came after us.

What we’re doing at Visionary is different, it feels different, and it’s working for us, as our recent expansion announcements make clear. It’s opened incredible opportunities and allowed me to look back and realize that somewhere along the way, by my means of measurement, I’ve become successful in comics. By that, I mean I’ve accomplished a lot of the goals I originally set out for myself when I started pursuing this career. As we roll into the rest of 2016, I realize that this year marks the point where I can focus on the work I want to be doing, be picky about my jobs, work with an excellent team of top professionals, and have a blast on everything I’m doing. All that, and still make more than enough to support myself responsibly as an adult without outside employment or assistance. Imagine that!

Services Book Cover Image MCL / PB

It’s All About Success Baby! 

Now, maybe you define success as working for Marvel or DC and having everyone in comics know your name. Fair enough, I’m not there… YET. Which may be one reason you’re wondering if I really have something valid to say.

But if you consider success to be multiple published credits, from multiple publishers; multiple current projects doing writing, coloring, and art; each of which is a book I’m invested in as a creator, love working on, and getting paid decent page rates? Then yeah, been there, doing that!

If you consider success being able to focus more and more of my time on my creator-owned work from a foundation that gives it a good shot to phase in as my primary source of support within three years while making enough as a freelancer to live comfortably? Looks that way from where I sit.

Or if you consider success as having worked with some of my idols in comics, working with top publishers and having a lot of friends throughout every level of the industry, many of whom have made a point of telling me how much they enjoy working with me and admire my work? Bagged and tagged.

If you consider success as having enough paid work to pay all your bills and do what you want, having work lined up for the next four years, and having launched a studio that has generated well over a quarter of a million dollars in contracts and investment? Yep, done that too.

So, column? Yeah, I think I can come up with something to say every week, something to share that will come from a different angle. Some will focus on my personal experiences; some will be my take on new developments or various aspects of the industry. Others will focus on looking at a solid path of getting into comics (actually the next few will do just that). Some will spin out of questions from you readers, or hit topics suggested by you. Some just might be random rants. But all of them will paint a bigger picture; all of them will look at any given topic and how it relates to the whole. I’ll also no doubt develop features and additions as we go, just to liven things up. Feel free to make suggestions, by the way. I’d love your feedback.

Hopefully, these forays will be insightful and entertaining. Heck, hopefully, they’ll be unique and a little more holistic ways of thinking about comics as an industry. As for where, well, that became obvious, right here on Visionary! Now we’ll get to see how it goes, and if anyone finds my ramblings worthwhile. (NoI’mnotnervousatallthankyouverymuch.)

I certainly hope you’ll continue to join us and join the discussion that I hope will grow out of it.


What do you mark as measures of success in the comics industry? When is someone successful or not? What would you like to see this column focus on? Share your story or add your thoughts. Let’s make it lively but respectful, because if I can’t get you people talking about stuff I’m not doing what I set out to do.


Not for the faint of heart! I dismantle the myth of “Breaking Into Comics!” There will be bubble-bursting galore! Read it Now!

About C. Edward Sellner 

A full-time professional freelancer, Sellner has credits as a comics writer, prose author, colorist, artist, and editor from multiple publishers. He is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Visionary Comics, one of the best known comic studios and digital publishers in the industry. The studio opened in 2006 and since then has published over 70 different titles in its digital line, and been involved in over a hundred different projects in production. Its clients range from Hollywood producers to international sports stars to other studios and publishers. It became the first independent studio to enter the licensing game with the announcement of its Deadlands license, which has since been published in comics from Image and IDW and novels from Tor Books. The studio also hosts a successful internship program where interns get practical, real-world freelancing experience, including paid work on actual jobs fitting their skill levels. Learn more at!  

Weekly Visions 8.11.16

Deadlands Ghostwalkers MMP CoverDeadlands: Ghostwalkers Nominated for Dragon Award!

New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry keeps racking up prestigious award nominations for the debut Deadlands novel, Ghostwalkers! The book already garnered a prestigious Scribe Award nomination from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, and now it’s on the shortlist for the coveted Dragon Awards!

You can find the whole list here>>

And if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, well… now you can>>

And if you already have, well, be sure and pre-order Thunder Moon Rising here>>

Or if you’re feeling lucky you’ve still got a few days left to enter to win it here>>


PR Banner Events 2016Visionary Hits Record Number of Shows in 2016!

Last year we set out to grow our show schedule, and as of this year, we’ve hit 26 annual shows we participate in! That’s an average of one every other weekend! WOW! Thanks to the great folks at Dover Comic-Con for another great show last weekend. This weekend, you can find the crew at the Washington County Free Library Con, and then we have a huge run of shows kicking off with Baltimore Comic-Con September 2nd!

Get the latest on all our appearances and panels here>>

My Comic Life – The Comic Strip Returns and The Column Debuts!

We’ve mentioned our CCO C. Edward Sellner’s Patreon a few times now. He’s still running a special pledge promotion, of pledge now and get a free digital copy of Deadlands: The Kid and for every 10 patrons, he’ll add another of his art prints for a hi-res download and print your own pack in September!

Today marks the next phase as his comic strip My Comic Life returns! He’ll be posting a strip EVERY DAY now through August 28th, until he catches up to where it left off in its previous run, and then brand NEW strips EVERY Sunday! Here’s the first, and you can check out our snazzy new online reader, courtesy of Madefire, here>>

001 It Should Be Funny

Our daring CCO is also getting back into the weekly column biz, with the debut of the My Comic Life Column, a weekly column all about creating comics, and building a creative freelancer career, filled with helpful tips, insight into every side of the business, and tons of resources! The first few we’ll share publicly, but then, this resources will be exclusive to Patrons only.

Enjoy his opening round here>>

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The BIG10 Roundup: Events, Reviews, & a PSA for All Our Fans!

Big10Visionary is ramping up our BIG10 Celebration as we bring the party to YOU! We’ve just added a whole slate of Spring Events, including four consecutive weeks of appearances at local community shows, FCBD parties and conventions! Find the one closest to you and come join us!

Logo Live Event

4/25/15 – Saturday – Creator Con Festival – 2-8pm
James Hubert Blake High School

300 Norwood Road, Silver Spring, MD 20905

Join featured guest, Visionary CCO, C. Edward Sellner for Creator Con Festival, a celebration of the arts in Silver Spring! The 2015 Creator Con is a Spring Festival celebrating art, gaming, comics, and technology. Family fun for all ages. Live Music, Art & Gaming Contests, Game Truck, Artist Alleys, Food Trucks, Interactive Demos, and more!

Creator Con

Learn more at the Festival’s Facebook Page.


Logo Live Event

5/1/15- Friday – An Evening with Neil Gaiman – 8pm
Constitution Hall, 1776 D Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Neil-Gaiman-3-SmCelebrated storyteller, Neil Gaiman, will be appearing live at Constitution Hall, and the Visionary Crew will be attending. Want to join us? Order Tickets NOW!
(This is not a Visionary sponsored event, but if you’re coming, let us know! )


Logo Live Event

5/2/15 – Saturday

Visionary will be participating in two FCBD Events at local retail stores in the Washington DC – Metro area! Check out the closest one to you to get Visionary titles, original art, prints and signed copies of books!

Capital Comics10AM-6PM – Capital Comics, 207 Main Street, Annapolis, MD
The Visionary Crew will be there with our entire stock, and CCO, C. Edward Sellner will be doing portfolio reviews !

House of Pop9AM-4PM – House of Popculture, 12522 Mattawoman Dr. Waldorf, MD
Visionary’s Michael Munshaw in DA’ House! Mike will be sketching, selling original art, and signing copies of Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand!
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Logo Live Event

5/9/15 – Saturday – VA Comicon – Richmond, VA
@ Richmond International Raceway
Show Hours: Sat 11am-5pm

Visionary makes a triumphant return to VA Comicon! Join the whole Visionary crew for freebies, our entire graphic novel line, custom playing cards, original art and prints! CCO C. Edward Sellner will also be speaking on a panel hosted by the convention (Details TBA).


Logo Live Event5/16-17/15 – Tidewater Comicon – Virginia Beach @ Virginia Beach Convention Center
Show Hours: Sat 10am-6pm / Sun 10am-5pm

Visionary attends it’s first Tidewater Comicon! Join Co-Founders C. Edward Sellner, Charlie Hall and our Art Manager Mike Munshaw! We’ll have original art, prints, custom playing cards and our entire graphic novel line available! Look for us in the Artist’s Alley / Small Press Section.

We’ll be announcing more dates throughout the rest of the year as we keep pumpin’ up the volume on our first decade blowout! If you want to make sure you don’t miss any upcoming events…

Calendar Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand is on sale now at finer comic shops everywhere! Get all the details, including behind the scenes interviews with creators and extended previews of each story!DMH Now PromoAnd in case you’re not sure you can trust US when we tell you how awesome this book is, check out what these folks are saying…

Positively Nerdy – “Taking elements from a variety of horror and fantasy concepts including ghosts, zombies, sorcery and even some classic Universal horror, Deadlands Volume 1 Dead Man’s Hand, shoves them all into a blender and pours the results out over the down and dirty setting of the Old West.

Comics Beat “Merging fictional Western settings with familiar character types and situations, would be cliché, if not mitigated by  the elements of  Steam Punk, Magic, and Science Fiction, and mostly served up within the context of the horror genre.”

Geeks with Wives“If you want some Lovecraft in your Eastwood, grab Deadlands vol 1: Dead Man’s Hand!”

FA Comics“Deadlands is a good investment. There is something for everyone.”

Zachary Mule “Whether you’re into the RPG or not, whether you’re into weird western comics or not, you are still going to love the storytelling and the magnificent art of DEAD MAN’S HAND… don’t miss out.”


Click for the Latest Strip!

We’re back with week 16! This week, MCL creator and star, C. Edward Sellner, has a VERY important public service announcement!
New to Series


C. Edward Sellner croppedAnd in case you missed it last time, get an in-depth interview with the man himself- C. Edward Sellner!



VISIONARY COMICS is one of the best known comic production studios in the industry, and the first to throw its hat in the licensing arena with the wildly successful Deadlands series. Visionary is a top quality studio, digital publisher, and transmedia development company with a growing library of multimedia properties. Check Visionary’s main site regularly for updates, including web-comic releases, exclusive previews, pre-order forms and special promotions.

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Visionary’s BIG10 Begins – A Celebration of the Vision!

VisionaryX We teased it a few weeks back – and now, the time is here! Starting today, Visionary officially begins celebrating our BIG 10 year anniversary! Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out regular updates from all our sites, spotlighting our great titles, our expert services, and the stellar talent behind the BIG V!

Big10While we’re celebrating our FIRST decade, we’ll also be making some BIG announcements that will lay the foundation for the next 10! Look for promotions and new staff! Look for new services from our production studio and new digital venues with the return of classic favorites in new formats! We’ll also begin pulling the curtain back on the Creation titles ramping up!

C. Edward Sellner croppedBIG10 Creator Spotlight:
Visionary CCO C. Edward Sellner
shares his story and reflections on Visionary hitting the double-digits! Read the in depth interview.


MCL Promo SeriesMy Comic Life has been running weekly since the first of the year, and just posted its 15th strip this past Sunday! Catch up now on the hit web-comic about a comic creator, creating a web-comic…

Promo 1

VISIONARY COMICS is one of the best known comic production studios in the industry, and the first to throw its hat in the licensing arena with the wildly successful Deadlands series. Visionary is a top quality studio, digital publisher, and transmedia development company with a growing library of multimedia properties. Check Visionary’s main site regularly for updates, including web-comic releases, exclusive previews, pre-order forms and special promotions.

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013 MCL Promo Strip
Meet our first comics pro celebrity, Brian Augustyn, as we wrap our flashback storyline this week!
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Visionary’s BIG10 Begins This Spring!

Welcome to Springtime! Despite the snowy start some parts of the country had, we’re more than ready for it here at Visionary Central! Spring is a season of new beginnings and growth, and this one will be truly Visionary!

We started 2015 strong, with our Deadlands trifecta: a hugely successful Kickstarter with the Cackler, a strong pre-order campaign for Dead Man’s Hand in stores April 1st, and the announcement of Ghostwalkers from New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry and Tor Books!

We also launched our hit comic strip, My Comic Life which marks its twelfth consecutive week of publication with today’s latest strip…

MCL Promo StripHey! It’s MY COMIC LIFE! It’s a lesson in business as Visionary’s origin continues! Like it? Let us know? Comment and Share!
New Story / Series Page / Latest Strip

So, why are we going all out? Well, this Spring we kick off our 10th Anniversary celebration and we plan to go BIG! You’ll notice some things changing over the next few weeks, then kick into high gear as of May, when we party every weekend at various events and conventions (details next week)!

As part of our BIG10 we’re going to be revamping and expanding our Services section of our site, announcing new package deals and specialized services, and strutting our stuff online! We’re also going to be doing giveaways and other special promotions for our fans, so all you Visionaries out there should stay tuned!

_main illo-final

Artist Richard Clark takes us to Star Wars actor John Morton’s TapCaf, just one example of Visionary’s new Fine Art Services coming soon!


VISIONARY COMICS is one of the best known comic production studios in the industry, and the first to throw its hat in the licensing arena with the wildly successful Deadlands series. Visionary is a top quality studio, digital publisher, and transmedia development company, who will be launching new, expanded production services and their own line of series this year. Check Visionary’s main site regularly for updates, including web-comic releases, exclusive previews, pre-order forms and special promotions. Subscribe on site to get these directly!

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Hey! It’s MY COMIC LIFE! Visionary’s Secret Origin Continues!

MCL Promo Strip

Our Flashback story to the secret origin of Visionary continues! Will Chuck get carried away? Do you have to ask?

New Storyline  / Latest Strip / Series Page
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The Secret Origin of Visionary & Thanks for the Support!

MCL Secret Origin

Happy Sunday! We start a new FLASHBACK story arc in MY COMIC LIFE this week! Revealed at last… the secret origin of Visionary Comics! (sorta)
Series Page Today’s Strip
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Cackler_Project_Image copy

Deadlands: Cackler Funded at over $35,000 and over 600 Backers!
Thanks to everyone who helped support this campaign, from our direct backers to everyone who helped spread the word, and to the many media sites who shined a spotlight on it, making it one of the most popular running Kickstarters for graphic novels.

Its the folks who support our work that makes it all worthwhile!



MCL It Does Not Go WellMy Comic Life is back for its eighth straight week! Our hero encounters one of his own creations! You just know things go downhill from there.

Go to the Main Page>>
Catch Up on the New Storyline>>
Get the Latest Strip>>

If you’re enjoying our little tongue-in-cheek look at a comic creator’s life, let us know! Comment on the strips, share the post and links, show us some love!

HEY! It’s MY COMIC LIFE! And Deadlands Galore!

MCL Breaking in

Last week we wrapped our intro storyline for our debut! Now, we blast into the past! In more ways than one! See the comic duo’s first attempts at breaking into comics!
Read the Current Strip>>
Bookmark and Read the Series From the Beginning>>


Deadlands: The Cackler Kickstarter now at 90%, over 250 Backers! THANKS! Weird West like you’ve never seen before! Brought to you by Deadlands creator Shane Hensley, amazing art by Bart Sears, and colors by Michael Atiyeh. Harrowed! Wichita Witches! Secrets Revealed! Check it out – NOW!


Thanks to everyone who joined in on our Pre-Order Promotion! By popular demand, we’re extending the offer through Final Order Cutoffs, which means you can still get your pre-order in to ensure getting the book when it hits stores in March! Do it now before time runs out!
Pre-Order Details Here>>

Awesome talent includes: David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Jeff Mariotte, and Brook Turner.

Want to see more?
Curious about Dead Man’s Hand? Get interviews with all the creators, behind the scenes stories and designs, and extended previews of each one-shot! Over 36 pages of story and art, FREE!


VA Comicon

VISIONARY COMICS is one of the best known comic production studios in the industry, and the first to throw its hat in the licensing arena with the wildly successful Deadlands series. Visionary is a top quality studio, digital publisher, and transmedia development company, who will be launching their own line of series this year. Check Visionary’s main site regularly for updates, including web-comic releases, exclusive previews, pre-order forms and special promotions. Subscribe on site to get these directly!

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