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 CacklerCoverVisionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment takes the Deadlands brand to new heights in comics with The Cackler!

Deadlands is one of the most beloved, enduring and popular RPGs ever. With its rich meta-plot, it’s a world as storied as most any comics universe, and as a weird western, its helped to define and popularize the genre that has enjoyed a major resurgence in recent years. As Deadlands ramps up to celebrate its 20th anniversary, it seemed the perfect time to bring this story to life.

“The Cackler is one of the major villains of the Deadlands universe, one whose origin story runs deep to the roots of the game, and opens up all new possibilities for the setting,” said Visionary CCO C. Edward Sellner. “But its also a perfect jumping on point for comic fans who love the genre and think there isn’t much cooler in the world than a perfect blend of horror, steampunk and mysticism all set against the harsh Old West.” The story is self-contained and while filled with familiar elements of the game, introduces them so the new fan can equally enjoy the story as is.

Deadlands creator Shane Lacy Hensley is penning the tale, ably assisted and edited by horror-western legend Jeff Mariotte. Visionary has also assembled the best talent in the business for art. Bart Sears is assisting in storytelling, and doing pencils and ink work, and Michael Atiyeh is doing colors. “We’re very proud of this book and as you can see in the early pages, it is going to be absolutely gorgeous!” Sellner added.

The Kickstarter has finished, reaching all its stretch goals and Visionary has posted the first half of issue one on its web-comic portal, now live.


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January 30, 2015
Check out this great breakdown of Bart’s iconic cover for the print collection, and collector’s print for the Kickstarter campaign, from sketch to finished final piece! Bart did all the art for this and it sends chills down the spine every time!




January 27, 2015
Check out this first EXCLUSIVE sneak peek with teaser images from legendary comics artist Bart Sears and Michael Atiyeh – NOW!




Deadlands: The Cackler Kickstarter Now LIVE!

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The Cackler is Coming! – Are You Ready?
The Kickstarter is now LIVE! From out of the shadows, one of the most mysterious Deadlands villains steps into the light, and what happens next will change – EVERYTHING!

Story by Deadlands creator, Shane Hensley! Check out this first EXCLUSIVE sneak peek with teaser images from legendary comics artist Bart Sears and Michael Atiyeh – NOW!

Then in February, check back EVERY Tuesday during the campaign for full pages of The Cackler #1! Go Support the Kickstarter – NOW!

PR Banner PreOrder Promo BWWe’re in the final days of our Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand Pre-Order Promotion! Have you been dealt the #DeadMansHand yet? If not, get all the details and do it – NOW!

Black Water Extended Preview

BW001Get an EXCLUSIVE EXTENDED Preview of “Black Water,” a dark tale set in one of the most popular setting of Deadlands: The Great Maze!

A rich tycoon becomes obsessed with finding a woman who saved his life years before! But what drives him and what fate awaits him beyond the Black Water? –Read NOW!

Story: Jeff Mariotte
Art: Brook Turner
Colorist: C. Edward Sellner
Letters: Troy Peteri

Read the Spotlight Feature!

For Previous Deadlands WebComics Check the Series Page!



The Cackler is Coming! – Visionary Roundup January 20, 2015

CacklerCoverWe promised you that this year would be the year of Deadlands and we meant it!

On January 27th, the Cackler is coming, and nothing will ever be the same again! We know you’ve heard that before, but this time?

Well, let’s just say that this is a story only Deadlands creator, Shane Hensley, can tell: the never-before-revealed story of one of Deadlands most infamous villains! Its a tale only master storyteller, Bart Sears, can draw! And its a story that not only kicks off the 20th Anniversary celebration of the property, but will launch a new setting that will indeed change everything!

This week, The Cackler will start taking over the Visionary sites, and the Kickstarter campaign launches one week from today! We’ll be continuing our weekly web-comic updates with finished pages from the upcoming series, starting in February! Do not miss this!

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DWS001Continuing our spotlight series on the individual one-shots collected in Dead Man’s Hand, this week we focus on the dark tale of murder and mayhem from master craftsmen Ron Marz and Bart Sears, Death Was Silent!

We also interview Bart on the upcoming Cackler!

Read the Interview Here>>

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Visionary News: Deadlands’ 20th Anniversary Begins Here!

Visionary and IDW Deal Winning Hand with Deadlands

Graphic Novel Based On The Wildly Popular RPG Coming March 2015
IDW DMH Cover PreviewSan Diego, CA (December 16, 2014) – Get ready, as award-winning publisher IDW brings Dead Man’s Hand, the first original collection of the hit Deadlands series to comic shops in March 2015! Based on the popular Deadlands RPG, created by Shane Hensley and Pinnacle Entertainment, and produced by Visionary Comics, the series embodies all the best of horror, western and steampunk in a world filled with creatures of the night, mad science and mysticism!

Deadlands Volume 1: Dead Man’s Hand brings together a who’s-who of superstar horror-western comic talent to launch this unique series that laid the groundwork for every horror-western series since! Join High Moon’s David Gallaher and Steve Ellis as they tell the tale of a cursed weapon created to kill the devil in Devil’s Six Gun. Journey with All-Star Western’s creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and Shinku’s Lee Moder on a young Shamaness’ quest for vengeance in Massacre at Redwing. Duck low for Witchblade’s Ron Marz and Superman / Wonder Woman’s Bart Sears as they tell of a heroic ranger who sets out to kill a whole town in Death Was Silent. Then dive into Desperados’ Jeff Mariotte and Golly’s Brook Turner’s love tale drowned in horror in Black Water.

But that ain’t all! For the first time in the comic market, this volume contains two brand new short stories penned by Deadlands’ creator Shane Hensley and Brand Manager Matt Cutter, who show us What a Man’s Gotta Do and how to be Vengeful. And for the first time ANYWHERE, get an exclusive sneak peek at the first, original Deadlands novel, Ghostwalkers by New York Times’ best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, to be published by Tor Books in Fall of 2015 (More EXCLUSIVE details below)! This amazing new adventure launches the new Tor novel line for Deadlands scheduled with releases into 2017!

The trade paperback collection will be available for pre-orders in the January Previews Catalog, Diamond Order Code #JAN150543. Make sure you let your local retailer know you want to get dealt the DEAD MAN’S HAND, and tell them that it’s a killer book.

Visionary and Pinnacle will be kicking off a special pre-order incentive campaign next week with major prizes for fans and retailers!

Deadlands: Ghostwalkers Announced

Promo Art Digital Painted StyleTor Books Announces the first Deadlands Novel by New York Times best-selling and multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author Jonathan Maberry for Fall – 2015

Available for order in the January Tor Catalog, Pinnacle Entertainment and Visionary Comics’ proudly announces the first of three original novels based in the Deadlands universe!

This first title, by Jonathan Maberry promises a ‘rip-roaring’ adventure like none other. More details coming soon, but you can get an EXCLUSIVE preview of the book in the IDW Dead Man’s Hand available for pre-order now and on sale in March.

Deadlands: The Cackler Kickstarts in 2015

Cackler Pinnacle Teaser

Shane Hensley and Bart Sears brings the most demanded secret origin story in Deadlands history to life! Campaign runs 1/20/15-2/27/15

Teased online by Deadlands’ creator Shane Hensley, the news is now finally out! The Cackler will spring to life in the pages of the next Visionary Deadlands’ volume.

The Kickstarter campaign for this book will launch January 20th and run through February 27th. This campaign will be to order an EXCLUSIVE edition and will be coupled with another major Pinnacle release to ramp up the 20th Anniversary celebration of Deadlands in a way that will change the Deadlands universe forever!

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