Editorial Services

Visionary provides top quality editorial services to help make any project reach its greatest potential.

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Editorial services include in depth analysis and review of plot / synopses, page by page on manuscripts, comic scripts, or screenplays, and an intensive art review on every cover, sequential, or storyboard produced. This goes from simple spell-checking and formatting, to continuity review, use of dialogue and narrative, story structure and dramatic development.

Art review includes overviews of thumbnails and intermediate pages focusing on anatomy, composition, layout, flow and technique.


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Editing does not focus on story content, merely execution. It’s your story, we just help make sure you tell it such that others see what you want them to see and feel what you want them to feel!

Visionary editorial credits include such hit series as Nancy in Hell, Suicide Forest, Drums, and Headlocked from such publishers as Markosia, IDW and Image.








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