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Visionary provides top quality services at highly competitive rates.

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Whether you’re a creator with a great idea and no way to execute it, a company with a property you want to get into other media, or a top of the line publisher needing some additional support for a new line of content, Visionary can meet your needs, and exceed your expectations!

Visionary has provided single service support, to complete project management and creation for multiple clients, including established publishers, producers, published authors, and other production studios. We’re best known for comics, but we’ve also done corporate branding, graphic design, children’s books, screenplay development and novel packaging!

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Visionary’s Capabilities

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Visionary showed its mettle on the development of the hit series Deadlands, a licensed property from Pinnacle Entertainment. Working directly with the creators of the game, Visionary recruited full teams, managed all production, and released multiple comics and novels based on the game, featuring the work of top creators.

Visionary utilizes a unique open studio model. Certain services are provided in-house, but other creative services are sub-contracted to outside creators known and trusted by the studio, brought in through our various contacts in the industry. Visionary has been proud to work with such top talent as Jonathan Maberry, Ron Marz, David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Bart Sears, Jeff Mariotte, Brian Augustyn, Pat Broderick, and Greg LaRocque. We are also proud of careers we’ve helped launch into the industry by providing early work and guidance! Our creators have gone on to work with top publishers, on  high profile projects and we couldn’t be prouder!

We work directly with our clients to find the perfect creators, perfect solutions, and perfect strategies for their project, all screened, resourced and managed by our expert studio staff.


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To discuss specifics or ask any questions regarding our services:


Call our main line 858-208-8098 or email our CCO C. Edward Sellner directly at [email protected]



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