Meet Visionary’s 2014 Interns!

Cathy Dougherty In 2012 Visionary launched its first, official internship program in conjunction with its Comic Creation Course at Anne Arundel Community College. Two classes of interns joined, for a total of six interns, and together the group had nearly a full year of down and dirty comic creation experience!

The program was part of our Digital Publishing Initiative and gave aspiring professionals an opportunity to work on actual comic book publishing, submissions review, project management and development. They also received one-on-one supervision and training in creative skills, managing freelance work, and developing their own projects.

SarahWhen Visionary scaled back the Digital Publishing Initiative at the end of that year, the program was closed down as part of the re-organization.

However, Visionary is proud to announce that it has resumed its internship program as of 2014 with a slightly different focus. The new program will be a little more lean and mean, with fewer slots, and an increased focus on developing hard skills and active work on actual projects. Two candidates have already joined the program, and are already working on paid, professional projects, doing writing, color flatting, and editing work, all under CCO supervision. Meet Cathy Dougherty (actually returning from the 2012 class) and Sarah Louise Patterson, who is introducing Visionary to the world of cosplay!

We here at Visionary Central think you’ll be hearing a lot from these ladies as time goes by, and we’re very excited to have them on board. Check out all the details on our Staff Page.

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