Jeff Mariotte Joins Visionary


Visionary Comics is proud to officially announce that award-winning, bestselling author Jeffrey J. Mariotte has joined the Visionary Staff. Jeff, in addition to his writing work, has worked as VP of marketing for WildStorm Productions/Image Comics, senior editor for WildStorm Productions/DC Comics, and editor-in-chief for IDW Publishing.

Now officially Visionary’s Publishing Consultant, Jeff said,  “I was the twelfth employee on board at WildStorm Productions, in the early days of Image Comics, and helped build that company into a comics powerhouse that became part of industry leader DC Comics. I was the first Editor-in-Chief at IDW Publishing, and helped that company become the dominant presence it is today. I love working with small companies and helping them grow. Successful small publishers share an entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to take chances, and a hunger to make a difference, and I see those same attitudes at Visionary Comics today. Though I’m not a full-time staffer and my role is largely consultative, I’m thrilled to offer my experience and abilities to the Visionary team, and anxious to watch them explode with growth.”

Chief Creative Officer C. Edward Sellner added, “Jeff’s really been with us for a while. He was instrumental in making our deal with Tor for Deadlands and I am very excited about him expanding that role with Visionary in the coming months and years. If there’s one thing I can be proud of in this industry, I think its me knowing when to bring in the best in expertise to help take us to the next level, and we are thrilled to have Jeff be part of that.”

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