Deadlands: The Cackler is Coming!


February 3, 2015
Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment are bringing the next volume of the original weird-western to life with Deadlands: The Cackler!

Deadlands, the game that defined the Weird West, mixing elements of the classic Western with Horror and Steampunk to create a unique world of monsters, myths, magic and gunslingers has been enjoying a huge resurgence of popularity and making its mark in the world of comics and soon prose, with huge announcements in recent months.

The first collection of the “All-Star Western” one-shots originally published by Image, is now available through pre-order from IDW, and has a special promotional campaign still running, where anyone pre-ordering the book can get two free digital books, a Deadlands comic, and game book.

Get the details here>>

IDW DMH Cover PreviewVisionary has posted interviews with all the creators, behind the scenes stories and designs, and extended previews of each one-shot! Over 36 pages of story and art, FREE! Awesome talent from the book includes: David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Jeff Mariotte, and Brook Turner.

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A partnership between Visionary and Tor Books was also recently announced, with three Deadlands novels to premiere starting in Fall of 2015, starting with New York Times’ bestselling author, Jonathan Maberry’s Ghostwalkers.

Building on that momentum, Pinnacle and Visionary launched a Kickstarter campaign just last week to fund the development of the next graphic novel entitled Deadlands: The Cackler.

Written by the creator of the game, Shane Lacy Hensley, the book reveals the secret origins of one of the most notorious villains of the setting, a maniacal harrowed who has scoured the weird west in search of a blood relative for sinister reasons. The book is being drawn by comics legend Bart Sears and colors are from Michael Atiyeh, and while the campaign is just a few hundred dollars away from its lofty goal, there is still plenty of time to get on board.

Check out the Kickstarter here >>

“We wanted to do something never before done in the history of licensed gaming comics,” said C. Edward Sellner, CCO of Visionary Comics. “We’re about to hit the 20th anniversary of the game, and with all the developments on the property, we wanted to bring something that both lifelong fans of the game would love, but also be hugely appealing to new fans. We wanted a graphic novel that hit the same marks of quality as our previous Deadlands comics, with top creators. We wanted something that only the creator of the game itself could write, a story central to the core of the world, and one that would shake it to its’ very roots. On that score The Cackler delivers.”

The campaign runs until March 5th and includes a number of extra rewards, and an exclusive Kickstarter edition of the book that won’t be available anywhere else. Fans of the game will enjoy the ties to the backstory of the world, but the story stands firmly on its own as a classic and stunning weird western.

Visionary is releasing the entire first issue throughout the campaign, with new pages added to their web-comic portal every Tuesday.

Read the first chapter update – NOW >>

VISIONARY COMICS is one of the best known comic production studios in the industry, and the first to throw its hat in the licensing arena with the wildly successful Deadlands series. Visionary is a top quality studio, digital publisher, and transmedia development company, who will be launching their own line of series this year. Check Visionary’s main site regularly for updates, including web-comic releases, exclusive previews, pre-order forms and special promotions. Subscribe on site to get these directly!

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