Deadlands Roundup – January 13, 2015

As we hit the middle of the month, and the mid-point for our Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand pre-order promotional campaign, we have a bunch of new updates, including a new webcomic preview, new creator spotlight, and a Q&A with CCO C. Edward Sellner dishing details on our first collected volume from IDW!

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Our WEBCOMICS and DEADLANDS pages are now updated with the newest Dead Man’s Hand Spotlight Feature and EXCLUSIVE extended preview!

Get the scoop on Massacre at Redwing, a tale of weird-west vengeance served cold, from Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, and Michael Atiyeh.
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Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand Q&A

We’ve gotten some questions on the first volume of Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand in terms of the direct market edition from IDW, so we wanted to take a few minutes to point out some particulars you may have missed.

What exactly does this edition include?

It includes the main features of the original four one-shots Visionary published through Image Comics. It also includes the bonus sketchbook and gaming content, and the short story “What a Man’s Gotta Do?” we published on our web-comic portal. It also has a NEW, never before published short story from Deadlands creator, Shane Hensley, and an exclusive teaser chapter from Ghostwalkers, the first Deadlands novel, by New York Times best-selling author, Jonathan Maberry.

I have the Collector’s Convention Exclusive Edition, how is this version different?

This edition is full-sized, standard trade, whereas the Convention edition was digest-sized. This edition also has Shane’s short story and the novel teaser exclusive, neither of which were done when the previous edition was published.

What happened to THE KID, why is he not included in the collection?

We have definite plans for The Kid, which includes more stories with him as he turned out to be one of our more popular debuts. Given that, we thought it would make more sense to hold off on his origin, and include that in the first collection dedicated to his tale. We hope to have more details on his return by the time Dead Man’s Hand hits stores in March.

Why this BIG push on pre-orders?

One of the things we heard A LOT with the one-shots, was folks unable to find them in their local stores. Simply put, retailers have to order a lot of books EVERY month, and invest a lot in what books they stock. So, a lot of titles they aren’t sure they can sell, they won’t stock heavy, or sometimes, won’t even order period. We get that.

So, by pushing pre-orders, we want to make life easier for our retailers, by encouraging folks to let them know in advance, so they can order our titles KNOWING they will sell. It also makes life easier on our fans, who can then rest assured they won’t miss out.

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