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For Specific Inquiries

Use Our Staff Email List, below, to reach the best point of contact.

Chief Creative Officer: C. Edward Sellner

Email our CCO for business proposals, free project quotes for services, and all licensing, media, and other queries.

Sellner is available for interviews and to be a guest at conventions and other events. He often leads comic book workshops and seminars for all ages. Ask for details of bringing him to your organization or event.

Chief Financial Officer: Charlie Hall

Email our CFO for any existing business issues, including payments or invoices, or other direct costs.
Retailers, if you’re interested in directly ordering our physical books for your shops, please contact Charlie for details.

Admin Director: Cathy Dougherty

Email our Admin Director if you are part of the comics press or media wanting to do interviews or spotlight features, or if you run an event and wish Visionary to attend.

Marketing Director: Natalie Ekelund

Email our Marketing Director for questions about getting on our PR lists, or mailings, and for information on connecting to, or any problems with our main or social media sites.

Digital Publishing Director: Matt Horstmann

Email our Digital Publishing Director for queries about carrying our digital content on your venue or service, or for questions regarding scheduled content you are publishing through Visionary.


 Deadlands Ghostwalkers Interior Vampire Vixens Visionary BooksFor General Inquiries

Please use our Contact form below, or if preferred, phone or email us at our main office.

Mailing Address:

Visionary Comics
4246 Powder Mill Road
Beltsville, MD 20705

Main Phone:


Contact Us Online:

Deadlands Ghostwalkers Interior Zombies Visionary BooksDownloadable Resources

See our Downloadable Docs page for an up-to-date listing of all of our downloadable forms (Submission guidelines, Internship requirements, etc.).

Submissions Policy

Download our full Submission Guidelines for digital publishing projects or portfolio submissions, or email us at [email protected] to receive them in an auto-reply email.



Deadlands Ghostwalkers Interior Steampunk Gun Visionary BooksVisionary has changed its submission requirements!

  •  For submissions, first carefully review our full guidelines. Any submission sent that does not follow those guidelines, and include the necessary legal disclaimer contained therein will be deleted without review. NO exceptions!
  • We now only look for finished books for our digital line, meaning a complete stand-alone one-shot, graphic novel, or mini-series that is essentially ready for publication. Visionary will still provide editorial guidance on making changes to the book, however, we want to see a team effort to get the book done before we will get involved.
  • We are also still seeking artists, specifically pencilers, inkers and colorists for studio books. We require all new artists to work with us on a collaborative exercise in order to demonstrate their skills and willingness to work under our direction. Those who do well in this, may move forward on larger projects, and will be top choices for paid work through the studio as a freelancer.

PLEASE NOTE: Visionary ONLY works to develop projects not owned by the studio as work for hire. This includes editorial, single service or complete project management, as well as adapting content to comics. We do not provide such services free. NO exceptions!

Deadlands Ghostwalkers Interior Kingdom RifleConnecting Online

Our social networking sites are great ways to stay up to date.

By joining one or more of our networks, you ensure all the latest news and updates from Visionary will be delivered right to your own profile. These are also great ways to interact with our staff and creators. However, we do not accept submissions through any of our ancillary sites, only through our submissions email. Any submissions received through networking sites will be deleted without review. NO exceptions!

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