Weekly Visions 1.27.17: Your Visionary Deadlands Checklist!

PR Banner Weekly Visions 6-30-16Welcome back for another round of Weekly Visions! Sorry for the delay, our CCO still needs to work a bit on how he schedules posts. (sorry…)

Anyway, we thought it might be a good time to give everyone a full checklist of our currently available Deadlands titles, with links where to buy them, just in case anyone out there has missed any of the current releases.

We’ll be announcing the digital debut for Raven and Cackler soon, as well as adding print copies for both books to our online store! So, this is the time to get all caught up, so you’re ready for the new stuff when it hits!

Deadlands Digital Comics Available NOW in the Visionary Online Store

Based on the game DEADLANDS from Pinnacle Entertainment, Visionary Comics presents five one-shots by industry superstars, bringing the weird Western world of DEADLANDS to comics!

Deadlands Devil's Six Gun Cover Main from Visionary Comics Production StudioDeadlands: Devil’s Six Gun :: Buy it NOW for $1.99

In this issue: The Harvey Award-winning HIGH MOON team of DAVID GALLAHER & STEVE ELLIS tell the story of inventor Copernicus Blackburne, who risks even his immortal soul in his Faustian quest to build ‘The Devil’s Six-Gun!’

Author:David Gallaher
Artist:Steve Ellis







Deadlands Massacre at Redwing Cover from Visionary Comics Production Studio

Deadlands: Massacre at Redwing :: Buy it NOW for $1.99

In this issue: Written by Jonah Hex scribes Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, ‘Massacre at Red Wing’ tells the story of Clementime, a warrior woman who journeys south in search of her mother, swearing to kill anyone and anything that gets in the way.

Authors: Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
Artist: Lee Moder & Michael Atiyeh






Deadlands Death Was Silent Cover from Visionary Comics Production Studio

Deadlands: Death Was Silent :: Buy it NOW for $1.99

In this issue: A silent bounty hunter rides into a remote town, but the town holds dark secrets that may turn the hunter into the hunted. Superstars RON MARZ and BART SEARS team up for a weird Western tale unlike any other!

Author: Ron Marz
Artists: Bart Sears & Michael Atiyeh







Deadlands: Black Water :: Buy it NOW for $1.99

In this issue: JEFF MARIOTTE & BROOK TURNER weave a tale of mysticism, eternal love, and maybe a sea monster or two in ‘Black Water,’ as a wealthy man searches the Great Maze for the beautiful woman who has haunted his dreams for decades.

Author: Jeff Mariotte
Artists: Brook Turner & C. Edward Sellner







Deadlands The Kid Origins Cover from Visionary Comics Production StudioDeadlands: The Kid :: Buy it NOW for $1.99

Based on the game DEADLANDS from Pinnacle Entertainment! Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment bring Billy the Kid to DEADLANDS! 12 years old, family wiped out, and all alone in the middle of the wild Weird West… hunted by werewolves. Grab a gun, there’s killin’ to be done! The print backup series collected in its own special edition.

Author: C. Edward Sellner
Artists: Oscar Capristo, Ale Aragon, & C. Edward Sellner






Deadlands Volume 1: Dead Man’s Hand :: Buy it NOW for $9.99

This full-sized edition includes the four one-shots originally published by Image Comics, two new short stories, and an exclusive teaser for the first upcoming Deadlands novel!

Called the “all-star western” series, this collection features tales woven by such masters of the medium as David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Jeff Mariotte, and Brook Turner. New short stories written by Deadlands creators Shane Hensley and Matt Cutter, debut new talent in the industry, and get the first teaser of New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry’s Deadlands novel, Ghostwalkers! Plus tons of bonus content, including gaming stats for all the main characters for Deadlands RPG fans, and an exclusive sketchbook section.



Deadlands Novels Available NOW on Amazon and Finer Book Stores

Based on the game DEADLANDS from Pinnacle Entertainment, Visionary Books presents the first two novels published by Tor Books, bringing the weird Western world of DEADLANDS to prose!

Deadlands Ghostwalkers MMP CoverDeadlands: Ghostwalkers :: Buy it on Amazon NOW

By New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry.
Illustrated by Aaron Riley & Steve Ellis.
Brought to you by Visionary Books and Tor Books.

The town of Paradise Falls faces utter destruction and the only ones who can save it are already in need of being saved themselves!







Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover ArtDeadlands: Thunder Moon Rising :: Buy it on Amazon NOW

By best-selling author Jeffrey J. Mariotte.
Illustrated by Aaron Riley & Steve Ellis.
Brought to you by Visionary Books and Tor Books.

Fear is abroad in the Deadlands as a string of brutal killings and cattle mutilations trouble a frontier town in the Arizona Territory, nestled in the forbidding shadow of the rugged Thunder Mountains. A mule train is massacred, homes and ranches are attacked, and men and women are stalked and butchered by bestial killers who seem to be neither human nor animal. Meanwhile, a ruthless land baron tries to buy up all the surrounding territory—and possibly bring about an apocalypse.





Raven and Cackler Coming  Soon!

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My Comic Life Sundays: A Foundational Fall

MCL Banner

Welcome back folks to another dazzlingly, daring diatribe from yours truly! Fall has fallen, and finally, things are slowing down just a tad as we go into the home stretch this year. Of course, that doesn’t mean much around good old Visionary.

Why not you ask? Well…

We’re still pretty hyped up that our first novel under the Visionary Books line, Deadlands: Ghostwalkers, was nominated for a covetous Scribe Award and a Dragon Award, thanks to the wonderful wordsmith Jonathan Maberry. The mass-market paperback hit stands back in August.

We’re also still celebrating ‘thunderous’ reviews for our second release that just hit stands a couple weeks back. Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising, by our own EiC Jeff Mariotte is proving to be an excellent follow-up to the series, with its own take on the weird west!

On that front, us folk here in Visionary Central also got our first gosh-darn, gander at the finished manuscript from Seanan McGuire, who’s proliferous pen is dishing out our third book, Deadlands: Boneyard. It caps the trifecta quite nicely with a wild tale of a weird-west freak show! On top of that, we got the same amazing art team back, with Aaron Riley doing the cover, and Steve Ellis gracing the interior with his own pen and ink.

We’re also wrapping a record-breaking number of shows for Visionary this year, with our final full slate between now and mid-November. You can get all the latest on the ones still coming up with our Weekly Visions post from last week. So, if you’re in range of Hampton, Tucson, Washington DC, or Southern Maryland, come and say howdy to our stalwart staff and crazy creators at your show of choice.

Don’t fret though, there’s still more to come, stuff we’ll be starting to tease as we go into the colder months. Hey, you got to have stuff to read and enjoy on those long winter nights, and we’ll have you covered just like your favorite snuggly blanket!


022 That's What I Thought

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My Comic Life Column 004: Building Up 2: Laying a Foundation

C. Edward Sellner cropped

Alright, so last time, I did my best Joker a la Heath Ledger impression and challenged all you aspiring creators out there to get serious. Seriously, check it out here if you missed it.

So, now that we’re a little wiser, a little more focused, and a lot more serious, having spent some time rethinking our plan, let’s start building up that potential comics career, shall we? Where, oh where, should we start?

Digging the Hole

A buddy of mine pointed out that even before you lay a foundation, you actually start by digging yourself a hole. He was being sarcastic, but he got me to thinking – yes, you will indeed be digging a hole. If you’re going to seriously pursue a career in comics, you will be committing resources to that, so be prepared for those to start leaking out of other areas of your life. You will need to commit time to practice your craft on a regular (ideally daily) basis, so where will that time come from? There will also be expenses associated; whether it’s hardware or software, a laptop, art supplies, or just printing costs, you will at some point spend money, so can you set realistic limits and budget that out of your income?

Image result for digging a hole

Be prepared to dig a hole, but know how deep you go.

I’m now going to reveal a critically important piece of the puzzle here…

For your own well-being, it is essential you be intentional and on top of just how big a hole you’re digging in order to pursue this career, and to know when you may need to step back or even stop. I’m not passing judgment on anyone’s journey or the sacrifices they may have been willing to make. I am however strongly advocating that you be intentional in being aware of those sacrifices and the impact they have not only on you but those around you.

I’ve known folks who just kept pushing ahead, never seeming to realize what they were putting on the line. I’ve known folks who risked everything to pursue a creative career (in comics and elsewhere) and lost jobs, homes, cars, family, and even their independence. Some end up making it, and build all that back plus so much more; others–a lot of others–don’t. We all know the negative stereotype of comic creators who are middle-aged, living with their parents, not making enough to support themselves, much less families they’ve brought along with them, but still convinced they will make it huge in comics someday, despite having very little progress to show. You don’t need to be one of those.

I’ve known plenty of top professionals who find it hard enough to support themselves, so when I see folks who undermine the entire rest of their life or fall short in their other responsibilities to doggedly pursue something where they’ve made precious little gain, it’s heartbreaking. Yes, when you start, you will first be digging the hole, investing time, money, energy, etc. To take a serious leap of faith with some real potential, or to give a marked timeframe to operate in the negative, in order to launch your comics career is part of the game. But keep in mind, at some point, to be truly successful, the hole needs to stop getting deeper, and something needs to start filling it up.

Foundation = Education 

Before you start trying to work in comics, you should learn about comics. Simple, huh? Yet many hopeful creators overlook this entirely, or make the mistake of assuming having read and loved comics all their lives equates to an education.

(Spoiler: It doesn’t.)

The Medium As An Art Form 

Image result for ancient pictographs

Where comics REALLY began.

The first step is learning about comics as an art form. It’s important to learn about how the medium works, the roots it evolved from, and the various changes over time. So, at least some understanding of how we went from pictograms in ancient cultures to the digital revolution of the 21st century is important. Doing so, you start to learn the language of the art, its rules and guidelines, its practices and aesthetics. You learn what works, what doesn’t, and where maybe you can bring something new to it.

This is even more important these days as comics are making huge evolutionary leaps in the growing digital space. Innovations are helping push the boundaries and completely changing some of the most basic, fundamental aspects of comics as a storytelling medium. If you as a creator don’t have a solid grasp on that, how do you expect to compete?

The Business Itself 


When you’re as popular and established as Alan Moore, feel free to feel the same, until then…

While comics in and of themselves are art, they are also very much a business, an industry. So, for anyone wanting to work in that industry, there is a great deal one should learn about that industry. Learn how the direct market works, learn about the differences between indy-press and mainstream. Learn what publishers are out there and the specific niches and demographics they cater to. Learn about the distribution and retail end of comics as well. You don’t need to become an expert in every arena, but you should have a solid, fundamental grasp of the bigger picture, especially on how it will impact you as a creator.

I often scan listings for folks seeking creators and/or collaborators. I’ve found some great artists to work with as a writer, and sometimes solid enough looking leads to send a heads-up about my studio’s services. It startles me, though, the number of listings I regularly find from folks who so clearly have NOT learned the business. Promises of working on a pitch, to get a series picked up by a publisher, who will then PAY the creators (doesn’t happen EVER), or folks wanting someone to work free, with no shared ownership, or… well, any number of ads that I immediately gloss over, but with a twinge of regret for the equally clueless folks who will fall for them.

Just learning a minimum about our little niche of the entertainment world will–and I’m just being honest here–disillusion a good number of people. Again, it’s that magical allure of comics and the myths surrounding it, but once you get a good understanding of the dynamics, politics and economic realities of comics? It may indeed lead you to change your mind about whether you want to pursue that dream career or not. At the very least, it may lead to some significant shifts in your plan to get there, and that will only help you in the long run. (Everyone’s been reading Jim Zub’s Blog I shared earlier, right?)

The Job and the Other Jobs 

No editor will seriously consider a submission from an aspiring creator that shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how the job is done or how it fits into the larger picture of a creative team. Learn the formats, and how lax or strict those guidelines are for your chosen field. For example, writers work in script format, which has a good bit of leeway as long as key elements and layouts are there. Finished art handed in for printing? Very specific specs to hit for printing. Learn how to produce your work best so that those you are working with have what they need at their fingertips.

Image result for comic scripts

Quick script overview from Greg Pak’s site – one of the many creators who offer pro tips regularly.

For example, a writer needs to know about comic script formatting. A prose story or a jumbled outline will never even be read in the best of circumstances. The more you learn about how an artist takes a script and works from it in creating the art, how the colorist looks to it for guidance on palette and mood, and how a letterer works with it in lettering the actual book, the more you benefit not only yourself but everyone else on your team. Keeping those factors in mind means you produce better quality scripts, and your team a better quality book.

Just like any other job, the people who get the best jobs are not just the ones showing the most talent, but the ones who produce the best work. Work created to spec, prepped well for the rest of the team to dive in, and save the editor and production folks time, is going to be seen as better work.

How Do I Learn Everything? 

You don’t, and you don’t have to. It will be a process you should start, and dig into a good bit before you even start submitting work, but it’s one that doesn’t ever really end.

Take every opportunity to learn that you can. That means when you get critical feedback on a portfolio, redo the portfolio and incorporate those comments. Stay up on media sites and any developments in the industry. Make sure a regular part of your time commitment includes broadening your education and expanding your knowledge base. There are a ton of books on every aspect of creating comics, and plenty of resources online, from entire sites focused on creating comics, to pro creators who regularly offer tips on their social networking pages. If you have the chance, take classes, attend conventions, network with folks in the know and pick their brains whenever you can. Find the ways that work best for you and fit into your schedule and resources, and make the most of them.

Then once you’ve started, never quit. All quality professionals recognize the need to stay current in their field, to learn innovations and cutting edge developments. We recognize this as obvious with fields such as medecine, or science, yet somehow miss it in comics. As I mentioned before, comics, as an art form and industry is in a major state of flux, with sweeping changes happening all the time. If you want to compete, you need to be on top of all that.


Basic Training! How to start doing the work, and taking your first steps into the wonderful world of comics! This one will start including mandatory (if you’re serious) reading lists, online resources and a bunch of other goodies!


Feel free to add your thoughts, any great resources you know of, or simply share your educational stories.


My Comic Life Patreon Promotion

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About C. Edward Sellner

A full-time professional freelancer, Sellner has credits as a comics writer, prose author, colorist, artist, and editor from multiple publishers. He is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Visionary Comics, one of the best known comic studios and digital publishers in the industry. The studio opened in 2006 and since then has published over 70 different titles in its digital line, and been involved in over a hundred different projects in production. Its clients range from Hollywood producers to international sports stars to other studios and publishers. It became the first independent studio to enter the licensing game with the announcement of its Deadlands license, which has since been published in comics from Image and IDW and novel from Tor Books. The studio also hosts a successful internship program where interns get practical, real-world freelancing experience, including paid work on actual jobs fitting their skill levels. Learn more at www.visionarycomics.com!

Weekly Visions 9.29.16: A Thunder Moon & Being Visionary

PR Banner Weekly Visions 6-30-16

Welcome back to our Weekly Visions post as we slide into Autumn and the closing months of 2016 – wow, what a year huh? But with the shorter days, cooler evenings, and stack of holidays this time of year brings, it really means more time for great comics and books!

We’re ramping up some nice stuff for our fans to debut this Fall, and will also start featuring some recommended reads from our friends in the industry, to make sure you never run short of great stuff to enjoy!

Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising

Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover Art

If you missed the actual publishing announcement, our second Deadlands novel, by our very own Jeffrey J. Mariotte is now available, and already getting great reviews.

Fear is abroad in the Deadlands as a string of brutal killings and cattle mutilations trouble a frontier town in the Arizona Territory, nestled in the forbidding shadow of the rugged Thunder Mountains. A mule train is massacred, homes and ranches are attacked, and men and women are stalked and butchered by bestial killers who seem to be neither human nor animal. Meanwhile, a ruthless land baron tries to buy up all the surrounding territory—and possibly bring about an apocalypse.

Once an officer in the Union Army, Tucker Bringloe is now a worthless drunk begging for free drinks at the corner saloon. When he’s roped into a posse searching for the nameless killers, Tuck must rediscover the man he once was if he’s to halt the bloodshed and stop occult forces from unleashing Hell on Earth . . . when the Thunder Moon rises.

“In the end, Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising is a great book that can not only be enjoyed by tabletop gamers but also fans of steampunk, science-fiction and history. The author does an immaculate job of creating a world that fans of Deadlands can truly explore and enjoy.” – Amanda Dyar of BioGamer Girl

Now available on Amazon, and at finer bookstores EVERYWHERE!
Check out the Official Publisher Page!

Being Visionary

Artway Alliance Logo

Earlier this year we announced our “Be Visionary” initiative, a coordinated effort by the studio to start doing more for our local communities, to find creative ways of encouraging the arts, reaching out to children and youth, and giving back.

We launched the initiative with an announced partnership with Artway Alliance, a Maryland-based educational and interactive outreach that provides opportunities for children and youth to learn about the media arts, and encourages their own creativity and imagination.

We participated in a number of events with Artway offering our own workshop on “Be Your Own Superhero”  an interactive workshop that teaches kids what truly makes someone a hero or heroine, how to tap their own ‘superpowers’ in their own talents and skills, and use those powers to help others. Kids spent time designing their own superhero look, celebrating their gifts and what makes them who they are, and then participated in team building activities.

Thanks to Eric Suggs and the whole Artway Alliance crew, and shows like Girl-Scout Con, Columbia Comic-Con and the Baltimore Book Festival for hosting! Enjoy some pics from some of the events held this year!



If you host or help plan a local event in the DC-MD-VA area you’d like to have Visionary come out for to lead workshops feel free to Contact Us! (And if you aren’t already, subscribe to our news updates while there!)

Visionary News: Deadlands’ 20th Anniversary Begins Here!

Visionary and IDW Deal Winning Hand with Deadlands

Graphic Novel Based On The Wildly Popular RPG Coming March 2015
IDW DMH Cover PreviewSan Diego, CA (December 16, 2014) – Get ready, as award-winning publisher IDW brings Dead Man’s Hand, the first original collection of the hit Deadlands series to comic shops in March 2015! Based on the popular Deadlands RPG, created by Shane Hensley and Pinnacle Entertainment, and produced by Visionary Comics, the series embodies all the best of horror, western and steampunk in a world filled with creatures of the night, mad science and mysticism!

Deadlands Volume 1: Dead Man’s Hand brings together a who’s-who of superstar horror-western comic talent to launch this unique series that laid the groundwork for every horror-western series since! Join High Moon’s David Gallaher and Steve Ellis as they tell the tale of a cursed weapon created to kill the devil in Devil’s Six Gun. Journey with All-Star Western’s creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and Shinku’s Lee Moder on a young Shamaness’ quest for vengeance in Massacre at Redwing. Duck low for Witchblade’s Ron Marz and Superman / Wonder Woman’s Bart Sears as they tell of a heroic ranger who sets out to kill a whole town in Death Was Silent. Then dive into Desperados’ Jeff Mariotte and Golly’s Brook Turner’s love tale drowned in horror in Black Water.

But that ain’t all! For the first time in the comic market, this volume contains two brand new short stories penned by Deadlands’ creator Shane Hensley and Brand Manager Matt Cutter, who show us What a Man’s Gotta Do and how to be Vengeful. And for the first time ANYWHERE, get an exclusive sneak peek at the first, original Deadlands novel, Ghostwalkers by New York Times’ best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, to be published by Tor Books in Fall of 2015 (More EXCLUSIVE details below)! This amazing new adventure launches the new Tor novel line for Deadlands scheduled with releases into 2017!

The trade paperback collection will be available for pre-orders in the January Previews Catalog, Diamond Order Code #JAN150543. Make sure you let your local retailer know you want to get dealt the DEAD MAN’S HAND, and tell them that it’s a killer book.

Visionary and Pinnacle will be kicking off a special pre-order incentive campaign next week with major prizes for fans and retailers!

Deadlands: Ghostwalkers Announced

Promo Art Digital Painted StyleTor Books Announces the first Deadlands Novel by New York Times best-selling and multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author Jonathan Maberry for Fall – 2015

Available for order in the January Tor Catalog, Pinnacle Entertainment and Visionary Comics’ proudly announces the first of three original novels based in the Deadlands universe!

This first title, by Jonathan Maberry promises a ‘rip-roaring’ adventure like none other. More details coming soon, but you can get an EXCLUSIVE preview of the book in the IDW Dead Man’s Hand available for pre-order now and on sale in March.

Deadlands: The Cackler Kickstarts in 2015

Cackler Pinnacle Teaser

Shane Hensley and Bart Sears brings the most demanded secret origin story in Deadlands history to life! Campaign runs 1/20/15-2/27/15

Teased online by Deadlands’ creator Shane Hensley, the news is now finally out! The Cackler will spring to life in the pages of the next Visionary Deadlands’ volume.

The Kickstarter campaign for this book will launch January 20th and run through February 27th. This campaign will be to order an EXCLUSIVE edition and will be coupled with another major Pinnacle release to ramp up the 20th Anniversary celebration of Deadlands in a way that will change the Deadlands universe forever!

Check Visionary’s main site every Tuesday for updates, including Deadlands web-comic releases, exclusive previews, pre-order forms and special promotions! Subscribe on the main site to get these updates directly! Also check out upgrades on our LINKS page, with links now added featuring Visionary in the news, and our EVENTS page with our new public Google Calendar you can subscribe to.

Check out our Partner’s sites for more details on their ventures into the Deadlands!

athercon_peg_bannerTor Logo blck



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