First Tease of the New

While we are busy behind the scenes, laying the groundwork to begin rolling out a ton of new content in the new year, we thought you might like a very quick glimpse of things to come! With the able help of our fantastic new Web Guru Christiaan Conover, we put together a brand new intro for our feature videos. This will become our trademark opening from here on, and we could not be more thrilled!

Visionary Imprints

Visionary debuted its two publishing imprints after it launched its digital-publishing initiative in 2011. The imprints were to help define the two very different focal points for the company.

“The whole point of the digital publishing initiative was to both celebrate the diversity of comics, and to show the world what Visionary could do, the level of quality we could achieve.” Chief Creative Officer C. Edward Sellner shared in an interview. “We wanted to celebrate and help support the independent comics market, but we also wanted to show we could produce quality, both in production and publishing that could stand proud next to anything else on the stands of the mainstream market.” With that, Indi-Visions, and Visionary Select were born.

IndieVisionsIndi-Visions are those titles published by Visionary with a fiercely independent flavor. Some of these books might be diamonds still in the rough, sometimes with art, sometimes with story, but something about them still shines through.

Visionary_SelectVisionary Select represents those highest quality titles Visionary has published, and those produced in-house by the studio itself. “The Select brand is Visionary through and through.” Sellner added.

Visionary celebrates our current imprints and will be running a number of spotlights on various published titles as we ramp up to launch a new imprint in 2014. “We’re laying the ground work now for a new imprint that will be the imprint Visionary was created for. We can’t wait for folks to start seeing the first teasers for these titles, as we shift our focus to developing this exciting new line.”

Check out our Imprints page for more.


Jeff Mariotte Joins Visionary


Visionary Comics is proud to officially announce that award-winning, bestselling author Jeffrey J. Mariotte has joined the Visionary Staff. Jeff, in addition to his writing work, has worked as VP of marketing for WildStorm Productions/Image Comics, senior editor for WildStorm Productions/DC Comics, and editor-in-chief for IDW Publishing.

Now officially Visionary’s Publishing Consultant, Jeff said,  “I was the twelfth employee on board at WildStorm Productions, in the early days of Image Comics, and helped build that company into a comics powerhouse that became part of industry leader DC Comics. I was the first Editor-in-Chief at IDW Publishing, and helped that company become the dominant presence it is today. I love working with small companies and helping them grow. Successful small publishers share an entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to take chances, and a hunger to make a difference, and I see those same attitudes at Visionary Comics today. Though I’m not a full-time staffer and my role is largely consultative, I’m thrilled to offer my experience and abilities to the Visionary team, and anxious to watch them explode with growth.”

Chief Creative Officer C. Edward Sellner added, “Jeff’s really been with us for a while. He was instrumental in making our deal with Tor for Deadlands and I am very excited about him expanding that role with Visionary in the coming months and years. If there’s one thing I can be proud of in this industry, I think its me knowing when to bring in the best in expertise to help take us to the next level, and we are thrilled to have Jeff be part of that.”

Meet all of Visionary’s Staff on our Staff Page.


Wow! Did We Really Do ALL That?


Did you know that Visionary has been around since 2006?

Did you know that Visionary was one of the first and largest digital exclusive publishers in the market? Or one of the most widely known and respected Production Studios in the industry?

Did you know Visionary has over 70 books in their digital library, and is the guiding force behind the hit series Deadlands?

Did you know Visionary has worked with top talent in the industry, and helped launch the careers of multiple up and coming stars?

If you didn”t, you should check out our updated About Us Page.

There will be a quiz later.

The Next Stage

Studio_2012_AdYou may have noticed we went silent for a while again, and those who have been with us for a long time probably also know that we do that from time to time. But unlike a lot of other companies who go silent, and then disappear, Visionary usually ends its silence with something bigger and better as we move ever onward in our growth and development.

Well, I’m very excited to say we’re not breaking that mold, so yes, good news is coming!

First, I would like to post a very public thank you to all the folks who were part of our last great experiment, our digital publishing initiative. We set out to really build the Visionary name as a top quality, digital exclusive publisher. Our goal was taking a new model of bringing the strength of publisher support to the digital market place, for those indy creators who wanted to tap into that new frontier but did not have the tools to really do it well. Like most ventures by young upstarts, we had our “bright-shining” moments and our “fall-on-our-face” moments. But I think in the end, we can call what we accomplished a success. We maintained an aggressive and solid publishing schedule, representing a diverse group of books, by new talent, in a focused effort to distribute books through multiple venues and get them comparable attention in the news media. And we did it with an excellent deal for creators, something very important to us.

We built a library of over 70 titles, helped break down the walls for a lot of media sites who had never focused on digital books, but featured our new releases, did interviews and pod-casts focused on our efforts and generally embraced the digital comic market at least in part because Visionary was there. We also showed a collective effort can bring a real presence in the digital market that will get attention. Along the way, we assembled a great team of staff for publishing, marketing, and a thrilling year journey for a group of interns who got their first real exposure to the comics industry.

But then something odd happened… and I like to think we helped get it there. Competition sprang up, competition backed by established names in the industry, with more resources than us, and who now seemed to collectively realize that there was some merit to this approach. Imagine that? Suddenly, our experiment in building our name and showing what could be done in digital comics was going to have to either become our main identity and focus in order to compete, or be set aside.

We chose the latter. It was a hard choice, but in the end, the right one for us. See, we’ve always been much more about making comics than just publishing them. So, we pulled in to rethink things and ultimately returned to our roots. Yes, we are still a digital publisher, but we are first and foremost a production studio, developing a great set of books that hit the highest marks in terms of quality. That, ultimately, is who we are.

So what’s coming? In August we announced our new deal to launch Deadlands prose through one of the top publishing houses in the United States! Early in 2014 we will be releasing our next major mini-series successfully funded through Kickstarter and now ready for the world-at-large. Coinciding with that debut, we will be returning to Kickstarter with another licensed book, and a whole new approach. And then, through the rest of the year, you will see more and more glimpses into our next stage of evolution. Beyond that? Wow. I can’t wait for us to show you what’s in the wings. I haven’t been this excited since… well, since we launched!

Thanks to all of you for sticking by us, and stay tuned. You won’t be disappointed.


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