Weekly Visions 11.10.16: Get Creative!


We’re going to be launching a brand new weekly feature right here at Visionary Central first part of 2017 – and we need your help! This new weekly posting will be our own online magazine – each post containing links to content and features both on our own site and elsewhere – interviews, reviews, webcomics, articles, opinion pieces, galleries, prose fiction etc. Each week we’ll bring you a select smorgasbord of content, including original content from our own creative staff and interns, as well as feature looks at work from our partners and other creative happenings in and around Visionary’s home base of the DC Metro area and other ports of call.

We’re working with our talented crew in putting together some initial content now and we’re already overflowing with ideas!

But we want to hear YOUR ideas! What would you like to see featured right here? Even more, we’d love YOUR contributions! Doing something cool in comics, prose or film and TV, let us know. Doing a great event for families or kids to promote comics, books and pop-culture? Fill us in! Submit reviews of your favorite things, tease upcoming projects etc. Our Feature Editor – C. Edward Sellner will review everything and choose the best goodies to run every week. We’ll also do special promotions and prizes for submissions and readers to make it more fun.

First up, we need a great name for this new venture – we’ve got Weekly Visions for our weekly newspost, My Comic Life Sundays for, well, My Comic Life… on Sundays – now we need to coin something awesome for this feature! You know how we love our name, so bonus points if you can catch a vision in your suggestions!

Feel free to post suggestions for content and the name in our comments, or email them directly to CCO C. Edward Sellner at [email protected]. We’ll be announcing the winning title and launch date before the end of the year!


Visionary’s LAST EVENTS of 2016 are HERE and NOW! This Weekend…


TusconTuscon Sci-Fi Con
November 11th-13th, 2016
@Radisson Hotel, Tucson Airport, Tucson AZ

Tuscon Sci-Fi Con will your last chance to meet Visionary EiC Jeff Mariotte and Marsheila Rockwell this year! They’ll have copies of all their original and licensed novels for sale, and doing signings on their books.








Southern Maryland Comic-Con LogoSouthern Maryland Comic-Con
November 13th, 2016 / 10am-4pm
@Hollywood Vltr Fire Dept, Hollywood, MD

Join the Visionary Crew for the single-day event! We’ll have our regular stock, plus new titles, and an exclusive preview of new projects coming from Visionary!

My Comic Life: Building a Career in Comics Panel
11:30am-12:30pm Panel Room

Join Visionary Comics’ CCO C. Edward Sellner for a frank and honest conversation about building a career in comics. What does it take to build a career as a freelancer, creator, and comic professional? Sellner discusses the importance of defining your goals, your definition of success, and seeking out opportunity.


Art by Steve Ellis


And that’s a wrap for this year folks! Thanks to all our fans, fellow creators, vendors, and convention crews for a wonderful year, our best ever!

Where will your vision take you?

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Weekly Visions 7.21.16


Welcome back to Visionary’s weekly update! We’ve got lots of exciting stuff to share this week as we take a look ahead to the rest of the year and beyond!




Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover ArtThunder Moon Rising Giveaway!

Win your free copy of Thunder Moon Rising by Jeff Mariotte!

Fear is abroad in the Deadlands as a string of brutal killings and cattle mutilations trouble a frontier town in the Arizona Territory, nestled in the forbidding shadow of the rugged Thunder Mountains. A mule train is massacred, homes and ranches are attacked, and men and women are stalked and butchered by bestial killers who seem to be neither human nor animal, meanwhile a ruthless land baron tries to buy up all the surrounding territory – and possibly bring about an apocalypse.

Once an officer in the Union Army, Tucker Bringloe is now a worthless drunk begging for free drinks at the corner saloon. When he’s roped into a posse searching for the nameless killers, Tuck must rediscover the man he once was if he’s to halt the bloodshed and stop occult forces from unleashing Hell on Earth … when the Thunder Moon rises.


Dawn of the Visionary Creation

Visionary is ramping up its new line of content and we could not be more thrilled about some of the great stuff coming your way! We’re so excited, we just couldn’t wait to show you the first glimpses of these awesome projects!

MCL_Patreon_01First up will be the launch of a new home on the internet for Visionary’s CCO C. Edward Sellner! Get exclusive behind the scenes sneak peeks of upcoming Visionary projects!
Get early previews of the return of his comic strip My Comic Life! Get an exclusive new weekly column about creating comics! Sellner’s columns on Broken Frontier and Comic Related became popular, practical how-to columns, that included tons of resources for aspiring creators, some of which are still shared around by top professionals in the industry.

But even more, Sellner will be launching the Visionary Universe with his own creative work, with monthly new prose content and art, the first additions of which will build to a major event kicking off from Visionary in September. (More on that next week!)


Coming Titles from Visionary…

Visionary will also be relaunching its digital publishing initiative this Fall, with multiple, and regular releases into our new and expanded digital venues – from Comixology, to Drive-Thru, from Hoopla to Comics+ and more! We will also be releasing new books into various print markets! What are some of the great titles you can look forward to from us in coming months?



Desperadoes Returns! Jeff Mariotte’s weird-western series makes its digital debut. Visionary will be releasing the entire series, including runs with art from such great creators as John Cassaday, John Severin, Jeremy Haun and others! One of the best Weird-Western, or Western comics ever!
Named in the top 10 by Western Fictioneers!

New Devil – A brand-new creator owned series from Gary Cohn and Paris Cullins, as they bring to life an all new devil-may-care hero! Don’t be blue – it’s new! Volume 1 will hit in first half of 2017!




Leah holding frameAstral GenesisWhen intergalactic raiders attack Earth, humanity’s last hope is a disgraced ex-astronaut who must join forces with a mysterious alien beauty to battle a cosmic conspiracy! Created and produced by Jay Magnum, written by Ivan Cohen, with art by Ariel Medel, this epic series launches a galaxy spanning adventure! Learn more at the Pet Piranha Entertainment site!

Visionary is also currently working on our first children’s book under the new line, created and written by Vanessa Kellner, art by Ishan Trivedi! Join little Leah the Lion who must learn some important lessons about family, feelings and growing up!


We will be adding more titles in coming weeks and months, so make sure you get the latest right to your email by subscribing to our newsletter!

P.S. – Join Mike Munshaw in Dunkirk Maryland this weekend for the first ever POPCOMICGANZA!
Get Details!

Weekly Vision: 7.7.2016


DeDeadlands Ghostwalkers MMP Coveradlands: Ghostwalkers Mass Market Paperback Edition Releases August 2, 2016!

The first Deadlands novel, by New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, published by Tor Books and Visionary Books, based on Pinnacle Entertainment’s popular game, gets a second release this summer! The new mass market paperback edition will be available in better book stores nationwide as of August 2nd!

The first book in the series tells the story of Grey Torrence, a hired gun literally haunted by his past, and Looks Away, a brilliant Sioux scientist, as they fight to save the town of Paradise Falls from horrors of the natural and supernatural kind. Ghostwalkers is a 2016 Scribe Award Nominee with nothing but glowing reviews. Check them out yourself:


“And man, did I love this pulpy adventure…” – Smorgasbord Fantasia

“I highly recommend ‘Ghostwalkers’ to anyone with a penchant for the weird west…” – The Nameless Zine

“Deadlands: Ghostwalkers was my first foray into the Deadlands universe, but if this book is an example of the stories I’ll find there I’ll be going back soon and often!”- Horror Maiden’s Blog

“Written by a man who understands the art of storytelling better than most, and performed by a man who’s voice talent is one of the top reasons I fell in love with audio books.”- Nathan Tullis, Audio Book Reviewer


Meet the Visionaries

Visionary’s family continues to grow as we ramp up new initiatives, and others already in the fold continue to move up to new heights! In addition we continue to form new strategic partnerships to expand our services, outreach and line. Here’s the latest…

Munshaw of Visionary Comics production studioVisionary is excited to announce Mike Munshaw as our Operations Chief, managing the business day to day. Mike becomes the latest partner to join the studio, along with its co-founders and Jeff Mariotte.

Also, we’ve been launching new divisions to focus on particular markets. Jeff Mariotte, award winning author and comic writer, continues as our Editor-in-Chief and Books Division Chief.

Brian_Augustyn_pix377Today, we are proud to announce Brian Augustyn as our Comics Division Chief! Brian, long time editor for DC Comics, and writer of numerous top selling books, returns to the studio he helped launch!

Cathy Dougherty of Visionary Comics production studioFinally, we are thrilled to announce Cathy Dougherty as our Children’s Book Division Chief. Cathy will be working with us to move into the popular market as of this Fall!
Meet the Chiefs!


Our Operations Staff make it all happen! From marketing to digital publishing, they are all hard at work laying the ground work for great stuff coming your way this year and beyond! Two of our interns just graduated up to form our core Social Media Team — Congratulations to Chrissie Nelson and Robert Wells, who now join ranks with our Marketing Director, Natalie Ekelund, and Digital Publishing Director, Matt Horstmann.

Meet our Ops Crew!

Be A Visionary Initiative

Artway AllianceSince our inception, Visionary has been about giving back, to our communities, our industry, and our world. We’ve done this through supporting charitable programs, mentoring aspiring creators, and teaching children and youth. Now, Visionary will begin grouping these efforts and outreach collectively under our “Be a Visionary” Banner, an initiative about looking ahead and working for a better future, for all of us.

Visionary is proud to announce our first partner in this venture, Artway Alliance, a Maryland-based educational and interactive outreach that provides opportunities for children and youth to learn about the media arts, and encourages their own creativity and imagination. Artway Alliance founder Eric Suggs and our CCO C. Edward Sellner have been talking about upcoming events where Visionary will support this worthwhile cause, by leading workshops and helping promote events. Our first joint venture will be Columbia Comic Con, at the end of July! Find out more about the Alliance at their site!

Next Week…
We begin to tease an utterly amazing August and September, with big changes on the way, from your favorite production studio! Get the latest right to your email by subscribing to our newsletter!

The NEW Visionary Begins!

We’ve been hinting for some time, showing bits and pieces, but now we’re ready to start unveiling the whole master plan, and what will be the NEW Visionary that will carry us into our second decade of creating awesomeness!

We’ve already announced our new branding, with our core focus shifting to the banner of Visionary Creative Services and our labels expanding with the addition of Visionary Books to the already established Visionary Comics.

This week we just relaunched our totally revamped main site. Now, more dynamic, interactive and engaging thanks to our marketing team at VineBUZZ! Check it out in-depth! We’ll be continuing to add content and features throughout the month of November!

The next announcements will be at our Visionary 2.0 panel at Tucson Comic Con on Sunday, November 8th at 12pm Arizona time. Join us LIVE at the event, or be sure to check our main site as we’ll be posting the full news once the panel begins.

More announcements will be coming throughout the rest of 2015 and into 2016. We’re just getting started, and when we’re done, it’ll be a whole new Vision!

Welcome to a Visionary Summer!

CMYK_LogoEver worked hard on something for a long time, wondering if it would ever pay off? Ever wondered if you really could live your dreams and make it real?

This summer, and the rest of this year is going to be that payoff for Visionary! A lot of the groundwork we’ve been laying for the last several years is coming together in exciting new opportunities that just keep getting bigger and better, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

We’ve hinted at it over the last few months, planted a few teasers, but now, its time, time to start slowly pulling the curtain back on everything coming!

This won’t just be the big payoff for us, but also for all our fans out there, the ones who’ve rooted for us, and supported us in all our efforts, from our digital sales, to loyal convention fans, to our wonderful Kickstarter supporters. You folks have made this happen, so we hope you enjoy it all!

Join us on our main site, and all our ancillary sites, blogs, social networking etc. as we overhaul our look, our content, our brand, and start rolling out the best year ever! We’ll be running new features, posting new content, teasers for new comics, and be doing contests, giveaways and other promotional fun all to get everyone as excited as we are.

This is going to be truly Visionary!

Pardon Our Virtual Dust

Hey Visionary fans! You may have noticed our site just underwent a major overhaul! The revamp is to add functionality and feature content that is all part of our Next Stage Evolution we’ll be rolling out all through 2014. We’ll be in the process of reformatting all our main site content over the next few days, so don’t be surprised if things seem a little ‘off’ for the time being.

However, that being said, the new format will allow our site to render optimally for computers and devices, including your phone or tablet.

And the new theme will also be allowing us to launch our…

Oh, wait, I can’t mention details yet, but yeah, the new site is in part to launch our next BIG thing!

Visionary Imprints

Visionary debuted its two publishing imprints after it launched its digital-publishing initiative in 2011. The imprints were to help define the two very different focal points for the company.

“The whole point of the digital publishing initiative was to both celebrate the diversity of comics, and to show the world what Visionary could do, the level of quality we could achieve.” Chief Creative Officer C. Edward Sellner shared in an interview. “We wanted to celebrate and help support the independent comics market, but we also wanted to show we could produce quality, both in production and publishing that could stand proud next to anything else on the stands of the mainstream market.” With that, Indi-Visions, and Visionary Select were born.

IndieVisionsIndi-Visions are those titles published by Visionary with a fiercely independent flavor. Some of these books might be diamonds still in the rough, sometimes with art, sometimes with story, but something about them still shines through.

Visionary_SelectVisionary Select represents those highest quality titles Visionary has published, and those produced in-house by the studio itself. “The Select brand is Visionary through and through.” Sellner added.

Visionary celebrates our current imprints and will be running a number of spotlights on various published titles as we ramp up to launch a new imprint in 2014. “We’re laying the ground work now for a new imprint that will be the imprint Visionary was created for. We can’t wait for folks to start seeing the first teasers for these titles, as we shift our focus to developing this exciting new line.”

Check out our Imprints page for more.


Wow! Did We Really Do ALL That?


Did you know that Visionary has been around since 2006?

Did you know that Visionary was one of the first and largest digital exclusive publishers in the market? Or one of the most widely known and respected Production Studios in the industry?

Did you know Visionary has over 70 books in their digital library, and is the guiding force behind the hit series Deadlands?

Did you know Visionary has worked with top talent in the industry, and helped launch the careers of multiple up and coming stars?

If you didn”t, you should check out our updated About Us Page.

There will be a quiz later.

The Next Stage

Studio_2012_AdYou may have noticed we went silent for a while again, and those who have been with us for a long time probably also know that we do that from time to time. But unlike a lot of other companies who go silent, and then disappear, Visionary usually ends its silence with something bigger and better as we move ever onward in our growth and development.

Well, I’m very excited to say we’re not breaking that mold, so yes, good news is coming!

First, I would like to post a very public thank you to all the folks who were part of our last great experiment, our digital publishing initiative. We set out to really build the Visionary name as a top quality, digital exclusive publisher. Our goal was taking a new model of bringing the strength of publisher support to the digital market place, for those indy creators who wanted to tap into that new frontier but did not have the tools to really do it well. Like most ventures by young upstarts, we had our “bright-shining” moments and our “fall-on-our-face” moments. But I think in the end, we can call what we accomplished a success. We maintained an aggressive and solid publishing schedule, representing a diverse group of books, by new talent, in a focused effort to distribute books through multiple venues and get them comparable attention in the news media. And we did it with an excellent deal for creators, something very important to us.

We built a library of over 70 titles, helped break down the walls for a lot of media sites who had never focused on digital books, but featured our new releases, did interviews and pod-casts focused on our efforts and generally embraced the digital comic market at least in part because Visionary was there. We also showed a collective effort can bring a real presence in the digital market that will get attention. Along the way, we assembled a great team of staff for publishing, marketing, and a thrilling year journey for a group of interns who got their first real exposure to the comics industry.

But then something odd happened… and I like to think we helped get it there. Competition sprang up, competition backed by established names in the industry, with more resources than us, and who now seemed to collectively realize that there was some merit to this approach. Imagine that? Suddenly, our experiment in building our name and showing what could be done in digital comics was going to have to either become our main identity and focus in order to compete, or be set aside.

We chose the latter. It was a hard choice, but in the end, the right one for us. See, we’ve always been much more about making comics than just publishing them. So, we pulled in to rethink things and ultimately returned to our roots. Yes, we are still a digital publisher, but we are first and foremost a production studio, developing a great set of books that hit the highest marks in terms of quality. That, ultimately, is who we are.

So what’s coming? In August we announced our new deal to launch Deadlands prose through one of the top publishing houses in the United States! Early in 2014 we will be releasing our next major mini-series successfully funded through Kickstarter and now ready for the world-at-large. Coinciding with that debut, we will be returning to Kickstarter with another licensed book, and a whole new approach. And then, through the rest of the year, you will see more and more glimpses into our next stage of evolution. Beyond that? Wow. I can’t wait for us to show you what’s in the wings. I haven’t been this excited since… well, since we launched!

Thanks to all of you for sticking by us, and stay tuned. You won’t be disappointed.


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