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Welcome to Visionary’s latest weekly feature, an online e-zine overflowing in celebration of the creative arts! Every Tuesday you’ll get a brand new ‘issue’ with all kinds of content, ranging from previews to reviews, from giveaways to exclusives. We’ll take you behind the scenes with interviews with some amazing creators, debut online galleries and works in process, as well as hook you up with special promotions for finished projects.

Visionary’s own will be front and center on a regular basis as we start teasing our projects for 2017 and beyond, introduce all our awesome staff, and debut our latest creative initiatives. But don’t think we’ll stop there! We plan to bring you the best of the best from beyond our humble abode. We’ll also include work from our ever-growing family of creative contributors, and our own staff’s highest recommendations of the cool stuff we love.

Whether it’s comics, books, film, television, theater, music, or fine art, you’ll find us celebrating the power of the arts in every form! We’ll even put out special challenges to encourage our readers and fellow creators to truly… Get Creative!

Get Creative Get Togethers – Visionary Nights at the Movies

Smithsonian IMAX

Sci-Fi Sunday Special Christopher Nolan 15/70mm Film Takeover
Sunday January 29th @5pm :: Samuel C. Johnson IMAX Theater
 Join us for an exclusive showing of Nolan’s visionary movie prologues for The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and his upcoming film Dunkirk, and then enjoy an exclusive screening of the full movie Interstellar! After the show join Visionary CCO C. Edward Sellner for a roundtable discussion of the film. Tickets are on sale now! // Signup on the Studio Facebook Event!

Nolan Night

Hidden Figures & The Matrix Double Feature
Sunday February 5th @3:00pm :: Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater
Join us for a Visionary Films Double Feature! We’ll be attending the new release, hit movie Hidden Figures, then sticking around for an exclusive screening of the classic The Matrix! Then join CCO C. Edward Sellner for a roundtable discussion of both films afterward.
Tickets are on sale now: Hidden Figures / The Matrix  // Signup on the Studio Facebook Event!


To celebrate the launch of our new Get Creative feature we figured what better way than US giving all of YOU a ‘feature-warming’ gift. We know a lot of our fans haven’t been around since Visionary launched, and many of you all out there may not even remember our previous digital publishing initiative where we released over 70 issues into the digital market. Since we plan to relaunch that initiative later this year, we thought it a great time to reintroduce some of our classics – for FREE!

Simply click on the links below to be taken to each book’s order page on Drive-Thru Comics, the original digital comic source. Like what you see? You can find even more titles on sale now below!

Get ’em While They’re Free!

Digital Visions #1-4

Visionary’s original comics anthology with four issues, all free! From Soul-Merchants to Insane Ice-Cream Vendors…from a futuristic hell, to feudal Japan, to the colonial Americas…from a mob that rules magic, to one man’s dream to rule the square ring of professional wrestling, Digital Visions has it all!

Issue 1 // Issue 2 // Issue 3 // Issue 4

Buy Visionary Books and Comics Online NOW!

Deadlands Sale 25% OFF! This Weekend ONLY!

Deadlands block

If you haven’t checked out the fantastic world of Deadlands Comics yet, this is the perfect weekend to start! We’re running a special 25% off sale at Drive-Thru Comics this weekend only! Each issue is just $1.50! Get the whole classic run of one-shots from superstar creators like Ron Marz, David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Bart Sears, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Jeff Mariotte and others! Check out our Deadlands Comics page for more details on each hit issue!

BUY Drive-thru



Deadlands Raven by MoonlightGet caught up on anything you missed, because early 2014 will see the weekly release of the latest Deadlands series: RAVEN!
Written by C. Edward Sellner and Deadlands Brand Manager Matthew Cutter, with art by Greg LaRocque and Sellner, this series is an epic western dark fantasy that will reveal the ultimate origins of the Deadlands Universe! Here’s a sneak peek at the cover art to issue #1! That’s five issues, weekly, early 2014, from Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment! Check back here for details!

C-Listers #2 OUT NOW!

Created by: Jon Jebus & Mervyn McKoy
Writer: Jon Jebus
Artist: Mervyn McKoy
Colorist: Dawnson Chen

C-Listers continues after the epic conclusion of issue 1! Well, it was sort of epic, I mean, stuff blew up and all.  Anyways, this time the super-team of the 21st Century faces it’s greatest threat of all…wait, no. Actually, its all about Lt. Lightning’s latest drama with his girlfriend. Plus we deal with the whole “how does a super-hero earn a living?” in ways that Peter Parker never imagined! On top of that, Manticore gets a date! No, really. Oh, and there’s lots of sex toys, there, that should sell it.

Recommended for Mature Readers.

Here Come the C-Listers!

Created by: Jon Jebus & Mervyn McKoy
Writer: Jon Jebus
Artist: Mervyn McKoy
Colorist: Dawnson Chen

A hero’s work is never done…and with these guys it never will be. Shame, disgrace and scandal seem to follow the “C-Listers”, a dysfunctional team of crime fighters, wherever they go. While Lt. Lighting, the Manticore, and Gear Man battle problems ranging from cosmic to carnal, oftentimes their interpersonal failings stand between them and saving the day. And if their team dynamic wasn’t interesting enough already, one of the team members is preparing to divulge a monumental secret.

Recommended for Mature Readers.

Check out all our NEW titles! Available NOW!

Ink Ribbon
Written by Ken Porter
Illustrated by Aly Sasagawa

Michael Green is an art thief who thrives on self – reliance. But when the biggest job of his career leaves him fatally wounded, he soon realizes that his lone wolf mentality might be the death of him.





The Study
Written & Illustrated by Ed Laroche

A tense bare-knuckle story about a grieving father who must fight for his life after participating in a mysterious clinical study that leaves him with unexplainable superhuman abilities and a new purpose in life.





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