Visionary Comics Launches Deity Saga on the Comics Plus App

Visionary Comics is proud to announce the release of the six-part Deity saga on Comics Plus through our partnership with iVerse Media.  Writen by Karl Allstaetter and Rob Napton.  With art by Karl Allstaetter, Victor Olazaba, Brian Buccellato, Derek Bellman, and Jamie Douraghy.


An interdimensional war wages for the very fate of reality. Our only hope? A sixteen-year-old Earth girl. Can she survive the dangers of 2027 Los Angeles and avoid vicious aliens long enough to fulfill her destiny?








Deity – the Darkness and the Light

Deity returns in the epic second volume of the series: Darkness and Light! Jamie now knows the truth about her heritage and her destiny, but will that be enough to help her survive the dangers to come? And what about her friends and the life she had? Can you really date a girl with alien superpowers?







Deity – Short Stories Collected Edition

Its a night on the town for Jamie, a rare night off from saving the world, but when Kosmic Cat decides to bust a move…well…the night gets interesting. The Deity short stories collected in one digital exclusive volume!








Deity – Revelations

As the next volume of Deity opens, we find the relationship between Jamie and Ziggie on the rocks, the Ma’Shiva Civil War getting decidedly uncivil as new lines are drawn in the battle, and Jamie’s testing as the new cosmic goddess continues. But, as major as the revelation of Jamie’s powers were, there is a deeper, darker secret still hidden from her, one that could turn even her allies against her!







In the distant past the legendary Catseye, a device of enormous power, was stolen from its rightful guardian by the Mesopotamian sorcerer Tun’Jurn, who in turn handed it over to the demonic Zevius. Then he realized in doing so he was dooming all existence and he tried to steal it back. That battle ended in a stalemate as the Guardian, Tun’Jurn, his allies and the demon were all sealed in the Catseye for millennia. The time is now 2027 AD, the time of the Deity, the Catseye has been found, and the battle for its possession is about to begin.









Deity – Requiem

This is it! The final chapter of the Deity – Catseye saga. Worlds will be shattered, others remade, and nothing will ever be the same! This is it fans, the end of an era!



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