Frog Princess Hops onto the Comics Plus App!

Visionary Comics and iVerse Media are proud to present Frog Princess on the Comics Plus App! This series is a romantic comedy about falling in love, overcoming challenges, and saving the environment.

Amphibian biologist Larissa Talcott fights to save the world’s amphibians from a drastic decline. But first she must save her research pond from real estate developers . . . while her new lawyer boyfriend secretly helps the developers turn the pond into a golf course! Can their romance survive? Can Larissa hold on to her ideals while Liam tries to keep his word and find his own true voice? And what about the frogs?!

This series was published in print by eigoManga in graphic novel format, but now it’s available digitally as a 5-part series!

Pick up this hot title here on the Comics Plus App!


Phantom Jack lands on the Comics Plus App!

Visionary Comics and iVerse Media are proud to bring you Phantom Jack on the ComicsPlus App. Jack Baxter is a reporter with a certain edge over all the others: he can turn invisible. Now you can read issues 0-5 and the special final installment “Off the Record” on ComicsPlus.


The series is written by Michael San Giacomo and features artwork by Brett Barkley, Jaime Jones, Sean McArdle, Mitchell Breitweiser, Ray Dillon, and Paul McCusker.


Pick up Phantom Jack here on the ComicsPlus App. And read Phantom Jack #0 for FREE on the ComicsPlus App now!


Don’t miss out on the adventures of Jack Baxter and the other reporters at The Clarion!


Visionary Comics Rockets The Regulators onto Comics Plus

Visionary Comics and iVerse Media are proud to bring you a science fiction thriller that will keep you guessing right to the end. In a future filled with interplanetary politics and terrorism one group is assigned the messy jobs.

Meet Pax Manfreddy, agent of the galactic police force known as The Regulators when there is nowhere else to turn, they are the ones called in.  When a fellow Regulator goes missing in hostile Martian territory, Pax must help rescue him. It soon becomes obvious all is not as it seems in this suspenseful sci-fi action thriller.

This story is brought to you by Jeff Loew, creator of The Frog Princess (also available on Comics Plus), with art by George Todorovoski.


Visionary Comics Unleashes Headlocked on Comics Plus

Mike Hartmann is a skinny theater major who dreams of a future in the arts.  That is, until he discovers professional wrestling!

While attending his first wrestling event- albeit against his will- Hartmann is awed by the spectacle and pageantry that is the WFW. But it’s the performance art behind all the bluster that has the most profound effect on him. Now against the wishes of his family and friends, Hartmann walks away from the life that he’s built to chase a new dream: learn the craft of wrestling and make it to the top of the WFW.

But before he can make it to the bright lights and the big stage of the WFW, he must first navigate the underbelly of a business that hasn’t evolved much from its carnival roots!   Does Hartmann have what it takes to survive in the wrestling business and make his dream a reality?

Headlocked was created by writer Mike Kingston, in conjunction with Visionary Comics Studio, as a response to a long history of wrestling comic books that were insulting to wrestling fans. After years of being fed books featuring wrestlers fighting demons, wandering post-Apocalyptic futures, or masquerading as secret agents, Kingston decided on a novel concept….a wrestling story that actual highlighted wrestling.

In late 2007, Headlocked: Work of Art hit the stands to critical acclaim, garnering positive reviews from both wrestling and comic book fans alike. The respectful and realistic portrayal of the wrestling business has earned near unanimous praise from those in wrestling as everyone from current superstars, retired legends, and up and coming talents began to take notice.

Shortly after Headlocked debuted, WWE Hall of Famer and noted artist, Jerry “The King” Lawler signed on to contribute cover art to the series. His fully painted cover for Headlocked: The Tryout #1 stands as his first published comic book art. Soon after, “The King” signed on to be the permanent regular cover artist for the book.



Visionary Comics Launches Deity Saga on the Comics Plus App

Visionary Comics is proud to announce the release of the six-part Deity saga on Comics Plus through our partnership with iVerse Media.  Writen by Karl Allstaetter and Rob Napton.  With art by Karl Allstaetter, Victor Olazaba, Brian Buccellato, Derek Bellman, and Jamie Douraghy.


An interdimensional war wages for the very fate of reality. Our only hope? A sixteen-year-old Earth girl. Can she survive the dangers of 2027 Los Angeles and avoid vicious aliens long enough to fulfill her destiny?








Deity – the Darkness and the Light

Deity returns in the epic second volume of the series: Darkness and Light! Jamie now knows the truth about her heritage and her destiny, but will that be enough to help her survive the dangers to come? And what about her friends and the life she had? Can you really date a girl with alien superpowers?







Deity – Short Stories Collected Edition

Its a night on the town for Jamie, a rare night off from saving the world, but when Kosmic Cat decides to bust a move…well…the night gets interesting. The Deity short stories collected in one digital exclusive volume!








Deity – Revelations

As the next volume of Deity opens, we find the relationship between Jamie and Ziggie on the rocks, the Ma’Shiva Civil War getting decidedly uncivil as new lines are drawn in the battle, and Jamie’s testing as the new cosmic goddess continues. But, as major as the revelation of Jamie’s powers were, there is a deeper, darker secret still hidden from her, one that could turn even her allies against her!







In the distant past the legendary Catseye, a device of enormous power, was stolen from its rightful guardian by the Mesopotamian sorcerer Tun’Jurn, who in turn handed it over to the demonic Zevius. Then he realized in doing so he was dooming all existence and he tried to steal it back. That battle ended in a stalemate as the Guardian, Tun’Jurn, his allies and the demon were all sealed in the Catseye for millennia. The time is now 2027 AD, the time of the Deity, the Catseye has been found, and the battle for its possession is about to begin.









Deity – Requiem

This is it! The final chapter of the Deity – Catseye saga. Worlds will be shattered, others remade, and nothing will ever be the same! This is it fans, the end of an era!



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