Weekly Visions 01.05.17: Partnerships and Bringing it Local

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Welcome back for another weekly news update on all things Visionary!

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This time around we put a spotlight on our new and expanded partnerships for 2017, as well as our panel / presentation / workshop services, which are now available for all kinds of events, including local community-based festivals and even small groups! Read on!

Creating Comics – The Visionary Way

Last year Visionary expanded it’s slate of conventions, shows, and other events to twenty-six! That’s an average of one every other week! Even as we are now finalizing our 2017 slate, Visionary is proud to introduce a new tier of events and scheduling.

You can now book Visionary for a local event, small group, or special function! Want to host a portfolio review exclusively at your retail shop? Looking to come up with a different and exciting evening program for your scout troop or youth group? Want a guest speaker at your after-school program or for an arts class you teach? Visionary’s got you covered!

Members of Visionary lead workshops at the 2015 Girl-Con sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America

Members of Visionary lead workshops at the 2016 Girl-Con sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America

“As we expand our services, we want to continue to deepen our ties to our local communities and share our excitement for comics as a medium, an art form, and a dream job,” CCO C. Edward Sellner shared. “This is the next logical step for that process.”

Visionary will book a very limited number of local events, both near our central offices in the DC metro area, as well as around larger shows we send our teams to. These can include art workshops, to overviews and history of comics as an art form, and can be geared for any age group. Workshops and presentations can be a single session, or multi-part sessions depending on the setting and availability. All workshops and presentations will have minimal costs for expenses, but the primary goal is to provide opportunities for small groups in various settings to explore the wonderful world of comics.

If you are interested in booking a portfolio review, workshop, or other session, book now!! >>

New and Expanded Partnerships for 2017

Visionary will be expanding and announcing new partnerships throughout the year, we’re pretty excited about some of the things on the horizon from these great collaborations!

Artway Alliance Logo

Artway Alliancea Maryland-based educational and interactive outreach that provides opportunities for children and youth to learn about the media arts, and encourages their own creativity and imagination will be expanding their partnership with Visionary, bringing our art and empowerment workshops to more conventions!




Girl-Con LogoGirl Scouts of America – Girl-Cona local pop-culture and comics event sponsored by Girl Scouts of America for young girls to experience the power of comics! Visionary will be sponsoring workshops once again this year and we will soon be announcing a special promotion for the event in 2017!




Arizona State University – Center for Science & the Imaginationa special program of ASU, the Center does creative mergers of science with the power of imagination to inspire and empower students. Visionary is proud to be the first partner with ASUCSI to produce original comic-related content as part of their mission! We will be debuting our first full-length comic later this year.



NMLThe National Museum of Languagea museum focused on the development, diversity, and rich heritage of language from all over the world. Visionary’s 2017 Intern Class is partnering with the museum for a special online exhibit celebrating regional language in the United States, that will go live sometime this year.



inkwellInkwell Awards a non-profit organization dedicated to the awareness, education, and celebration of the art of inking. Annual awards are presented to the best inkers in the industry, and legacy and hall of fame awards celebrate the legends who shaped the art form and by extension the comics industry. Visionary is partnering to help spread their message, with CCO C. Edward Sellner joining their committee, and by providing a special participation opportunity for our 2017 interns. More details coming later this year.


More to come soon! It’s going to be a truly Visionary year!

Weekly Visions 10.20.16: Growing & Being Visionary

Be Visionary Header

We’ve been talking about our Be Visionary Initiative for some time now, namely, our coordinated efforts at expanding Visionary, specifically along the lines of giving back to our local communities, our broader society, and our industry as a whole.

DSC08253A few weeks back, we specifically focused on some of the first efforts in that initiative as we partnered with Artway Alliance to host workshops at several events this year. Our workshop, Be Your Own Superhero, focused on encouraging youth to see their own talents and skills as the super-powers they can use to make the world a better place. We’ve also hosted a number of My Comic Life panels, where CCO C. Edward Sellner has talked about building a career as a creative freelancer and been doing the weekly My Comic Life Columns which have been exploring those same topics.

Another way the studio has worked to give back is the recruiting, training, and encouragement of talented young people in our Visionary Internship Program. We’re excited to announce our largest class of interns EVER for the Fall-Winter 2016-2017 term. Five talented creators have joined the studio to learn about the comic and book industries and have already made themselves invaluable working shows and stepping up on projects, gaining practical skills and experience. You can meet each of them a little further down the post, and trust us, you’ll be hearing more from these folks very soon!

We’re also adding another staff member, as the immensely talented Gary Cohn joins Visionary as our Special Projects Manager. While Gary will be writing a number of projects with Visionary, as SPM he will also be targeting outreach oriented, community-based programs and services for creative ways Visionary can support those causes. Stay tuned!

Visionary – it’s not just our name – it’s our challenge.

We’re actually proud to announce a number of additions and promotions on staff.

Comics Division Chief Brian Augustyn and Visionary Attorney Kas Decalvaho both have an extensive history with the studio, and now both have also recently been made full partners in the studio.  We are thrilled to have such expertise guiding us into our next decade. Elsewhere on staff, Chrissie Nelson, part of our Social Media Team made the leap to Project Manager last month! Chrissie started as an intern with Visionary and is now serving as client liaison with one of our larger clients.

New Visionaries

Gary2Gary Cohn – Writer / Editor / Special Projects Manager / Partner

For almost twenty years Gary Cohn’s business card has read, “writer, teacher, fencer, motorcyclist.” He says that he has had two careers as a comics writer. The first was in the early eighties when he co-created AMETHYST, PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD and BLUE DEVIL at DC Comics. His second comics career came a dozen years later, when he got aboard the Crusade Entertainment bandwagon early on, editing SHI and writing SHI: SENRYAKU as well as his own DEMON GUN. But when the industry slumped in the late nineties Cohn felt that he needed to step away, and spent fifteen years as a NYC high school teacher and fencing coach. Now he has retired from teaching and is exploring options for a return to writing. Current projects include NEW DEVIL, with Blue Devil co-creator Paris Cullins, and NEMESIS, with former NYC teaching colleague and BronxHeroes Con founder Ray Felix.  A recent transplant to Richmond, Virginia, Cohn looks forward to creating opportunities to let his imagination run. He is very excited about joining Visionary and looks forward to many amazing projects. 


KelseyKelsey Albert – Intern
A recent graduate from Wheaton College (MA) with a degree in Psychology, Kelsey is a research and data nerd. A love of all things comics led her to the Visionary internship program. She spends most of her free time singing, as she has been involved in a cappella and musical theatre for many years.



DaltonDalton White – Intern
Recently graduated from Kenyon College with a BA in English and a minor in History, Dalton has a long-lived passion for most comics, graphic novels etc. He wishes to use his skills to edit and write but always gives 100% no matter where he contributes. He currently works as a content creator/blog writer at Kalix Communications and contributes on a variety of projects. Dalton is thrilled to help out at Visionary and hopes to be an asset in the future. Also, his all time favorite Marvel superhero is Dr. Strange.


JohnJohn Butler – Intern
John is a content creator, born in Washington D.C, and a graduate of West Virginia University. While not too familiar with comics created in the US, John is an avid reader of Japanese manga. John is currently writing his first fantasy novel and comic book and hopes to have both series published in the upcoming year. John currently lives in Ellicott City, MD with his family and two dogs.



SophiaSophia Openshaw – Intern
Sophia was born and raised in Annapolis, MD and graduated from Syracuse University in 2015, with a BFA in Illustration. She currently works as a graphic designer in Annapolis, and aspiring freelance illustrator. When she’s not working Sophia enjoys spending time with her dog, being outdoors, and reading.




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Weekly Visions 9.29.16: A Thunder Moon & Being Visionary

PR Banner Weekly Visions 6-30-16

Welcome back to our Weekly Visions post as we slide into Autumn and the closing months of 2016 – wow, what a year huh? But with the shorter days, cooler evenings, and stack of holidays this time of year brings, it really means more time for great comics and books!

We’re ramping up some nice stuff for our fans to debut this Fall, and will also start featuring some recommended reads from our friends in the industry, to make sure you never run short of great stuff to enjoy!

Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising

Deadlands Thunder Moon Rising Cover Art

If you missed the actual publishing announcement, our second Deadlands novel, by our very own Jeffrey J. Mariotte is now available, and already getting great reviews.

Fear is abroad in the Deadlands as a string of brutal killings and cattle mutilations trouble a frontier town in the Arizona Territory, nestled in the forbidding shadow of the rugged Thunder Mountains. A mule train is massacred, homes and ranches are attacked, and men and women are stalked and butchered by bestial killers who seem to be neither human nor animal. Meanwhile, a ruthless land baron tries to buy up all the surrounding territory—and possibly bring about an apocalypse.

Once an officer in the Union Army, Tucker Bringloe is now a worthless drunk begging for free drinks at the corner saloon. When he’s roped into a posse searching for the nameless killers, Tuck must rediscover the man he once was if he’s to halt the bloodshed and stop occult forces from unleashing Hell on Earth . . . when the Thunder Moon rises.

“In the end, Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising is a great book that can not only be enjoyed by tabletop gamers but also fans of steampunk, science-fiction and history. The author does an immaculate job of creating a world that fans of Deadlands can truly explore and enjoy.” – Amanda Dyar of BioGamer Girl

Now available on Amazon, and at finer bookstores EVERYWHERE!
Check out the Official Publisher Page!

Being Visionary

Artway Alliance Logo

Earlier this year we announced our “Be Visionary” initiative, a coordinated effort by the studio to start doing more for our local communities, to find creative ways of encouraging the arts, reaching out to children and youth, and giving back.

We launched the initiative with an announced partnership with Artway Alliance, a Maryland-based educational and interactive outreach that provides opportunities for children and youth to learn about the media arts, and encourages their own creativity and imagination.

We participated in a number of events with Artway offering our own workshop on “Be Your Own Superhero”  an interactive workshop that teaches kids what truly makes someone a hero or heroine, how to tap their own ‘superpowers’ in their own talents and skills, and use those powers to help others. Kids spent time designing their own superhero look, celebrating their gifts and what makes them who they are, and then participated in team building activities.

Thanks to Eric Suggs and the whole Artway Alliance crew, and shows like Girl-Scout Con, Columbia Comic-Con and the Baltimore Book Festival for hosting! Enjoy some pics from some of the events held this year!



If you host or help plan a local event in the DC-MD-VA area you’d like to have Visionary come out for to lead workshops feel free to Contact Us! (And if you aren’t already, subscribe to our news updates while there!)

Weekly Vision 7.14.16



It’s a Sizzlin’ Summer…

Visionary’s summer events kick in this month with the shows we recently announced! Join Mike Munshaw at Fredcon and Popcomiganza, and then the whole crew at the Columbia Comic Con. We will be working with Artway Alliance at Columbia and presenting our Be Your Own Superhero workshop for kids – where we teach kids the importance of recognizing their own gifts, talents and skills, and helping to make the world a better place.

For more details check out our Events Page or subscribe to our Google Calendar.


Be Visionary Header

Speaking of making the world a better place, we announced our new Be Visionary initiative last week, our now coordinated outreach efforts in doing our part to give back to our industry, our communities, our country, and our world.

We’ve now got our own branding for those collected efforts, and you can check out the new home for the initiative on our main site. See our first partner spotlight on the great folks at Artway Alliance, and take our Be Visionary challenge! We’ll be adding more over the coming months, including ways you can contribute to good causes or share your own efforts in doing good.


It’s the Dawning of a New Creation…

VC Cosmic

This August, Visionary launches a new brand, a new imprint, and a totally new creation! More details next week and the fun kicks off August 1, with the return of old favorites, new adventures, and a new place to hang with creator C. Edward Sellner.


What Our Visionaries Are Up To…

Sort of a Big ShowEven though we just announced the triumphant return of Brian Augustyn to the halls of Visionary a week ago, he’s actually been working with us a while now, including on some of our upcoming projects.

In addition to his awesome comics work, he’s also part of an amazing weekly podcast, known as Sort of a Big Show. Brian is joined by his daughter, Carolyn Augustyn, and Birdie Birdashaw, cartoonist, and the three discuss pop culture at every level! Movies! TV Shows! Comics and Books! All the latest, all the best! New episodes every week!

The show is produced by Sanguine Entertainment’s Jacob O’Neil.
Find them on Soundcloud
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Next Week…
We begin to pull back the curtain on the Visionary Creation with not one, not two, but three teasers of what’s to come. Plus get more updates on Deadlands releases hitting soon!
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