C-Listers #2 OUT NOW!

Created by: Jon Jebus & Mervyn McKoy
Writer: Jon Jebus
Artist: Mervyn McKoy
Colorist: Dawnson Chen

C-Listers continues after the epic conclusion of issue 1! Well, it was sort of epic, I mean, stuff blew up and all.  Anyways, this time the super-team of the 21st Century faces it’s greatest threat of all…wait, no. Actually, its all about Lt. Lightning’s latest drama with his girlfriend. Plus we deal with the whole “how does a super-hero earn a living?” in ways that Peter Parker never imagined! On top of that, Manticore gets a date! No, really. Oh, and there’s lots of sex toys, there, that should sell it.

Recommended for Mature Readers.

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