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When Visionary launched, we were very intentional in choosing our name. We wanted a name we could live up to, a name that would challenge us to reach ever higher, to raise the bar on everything we do. We wanted a name that was… well, Visionary. Since our inception, we’ve done just that and risen to the challenge every day, to better ourselves in our work, the quality of our content, and the end products we deliver.

Members of Visionary lead workshops at the 2015 Girl-Con sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America

Members of Team Visionary lead workshops at the 2015 Girl-Con sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America.

But, we don’t apply that to just our work.

Since our inception we’ve also always striven to be truly visionary in how we see and relate to the world outside our studio; to our industry, our communities, people in need, to noble and worthwhile causes dedicated to making our world a better place. We’ve done this by directly supporting non-profit organizations and outreach initiatives, from volunteer support, leading workshops, seminars, or camps, to raising funds, or giving donated materials to drive campaigns to help those in need. We’ve worked with youth organizations, supported local library programs, nature conservation organizations, and so much more.

But its not enough, and we intend to do more! Starting now, we will be expanding our outreach, being more engaged in our world and society, while doing more for others. Through events we  support, partner with, or sponsor, to special projects and initiatives to educate and inspire, to our presence online and in our communities, we plan to truly BE VISIONARY!

We challenge you to join us, and over the next few months, we’ll share our efforts and put together ways of sharing the efforts of those of you who answer that call! What can we do to make a better world, a better future? What can we do to be, truly, visionary?


Learn about our Partners, working together to make a better world!
Check out our Events Page and look for the Be Visionary Banner next to sponsored events!
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Be Visionary Spotlight: Artway Alliance

Artway Alliance LogoVisionary is proud to announce our first partner in this venture, Artway Alliance, a Maryland-based educational and interactive outreach that provides opportunities for children and youth to learn about the media arts, and encourages their own creativity and imagination. Artway Alliance founder Eric Suggs and our CCO C. Edward Sellner have been talking about upcoming events where Visionary will support this worthwhile cause, by leading workshops and helping promote events.

Find out more about the Alliance at their site!


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