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First and foremost, we want to thank the wonderful folks at Studio A, from the University of Maryland, for hosting our CCO C. Edward Sellner for their amazing Second Look Festival last week! Studio A is the sponsor for our new Creating Comics 101 class coming soon!

It was great meeting tons of students considering courses with Studio A, and especially the ones who got very excited about our comic creation course! Registration has begun, and spaces are limited, so if you live in the DC metro area, and want your spot, better sign up NOW!!


Creating Comics Spring 2019

Contacting Us Just Got Easier!

Visionary is always looking for better ways of staying in touch with our fans and being available for potential clients, partners, and more. As part of that mission we’ve set up a number of department emails for any general queries, and listed them all on our main site. We’ve also now added a public office mailing address and direct office line.

These are set up to reflect our future expansion and the addition of our portals, all part of our system to focus each section of our site and communications more directly with the needs of our various customers and clients.

We’re including them below, or you can find them anytime RIGHT HERE!

Chief Creative Officer: C. Edward Sellner

C. Edward Sellner

Email our CCO for business proposals, free project quotes, and all licensing, media, and other queries. Sellner is available for interviews and to be a guest at conventions and other events where he often leads workshops and seminars for all ages.

Department Emails

[email protected] or [email protected]
For generic business, information, or other queries.

[email protected]
To be added to our mailing lists for press releases, title previews, and review copies, or for interviews or other press related inquiries. Please include a link or other means of confirming your status as a member of the press / media in order to receive free materials.

[email protected]
To be added to our retailer mailing list, or to inquire about carrying Visionary titles. Please include your shop’s information and a link or other means of confirming your status as a retailer.

[email protected]
For queries regarding conventions, or other events with Visionary, or to invite the studio to an event you’re organizing.

[email protected]
To send us your thoughts about any Visionary title, series, or story. Include the title of the series in the subject line, and “permission to publish” in the text if you’d like to see your letter published.

[email protected]
To automatically receive Visionary’s Submission Guidelines including a mandatory disclaimer for all submissions review.

[email protected]
To subscribe to our Daily Sketch Email Group and receive new art daily, delivered straight to your Inbox. (You can sign up now, but this group hasn’t officially launched yet.)

Mailing Address
Visionary Creative Services
4246 Powder Mill Road
Beltsville, MD 20705

Office Phone: 858-208-8098

NEXT WEEK:  A few sneak peeks of upcoming things, our first creator blogs, and updates on where else you can find us online!


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