2015: The Year of Deadlands

PR 2015 Year of DeadlandsAs a New Year Dawns, the Deadlands Descend Upon Us All!

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, amigo, but this year that might just be proven wrong! As 2015 dawns, the darkness of the Deadlands shall descend on comic book shops, game stores, and book stores around the world, with more western-horror than you can shake a six-gun at!

We mentioned last week that the direct market IDW edition of Dead Man’s Hand is now officially available for pre-order at your local comics retailer, and it will be up for grabs through to the end of January. Retailers have to pick and choose from a ton of books every month, so the only way to make sure you get your copy when it releases in March is to go NOW and pre-order.

Ordering online? Include this direct link to PREVIEWS,
and order code JAN150543.

Going to your local shop? Just download, print, & fill out this PRE-ORDER FORM then hand it to your retailer and you’re good to go! Yep, that easy.

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Once you pre-order, post “I just got dealt the #DeadMansHand at (name of your retailer)” on your favorite social media site. (Include a pic if you like.) Then email us the link to your posting at [email protected]://www.visionarycomics.com/.

When you do, you’ll get a return email with links to download a FREE PDF copy of Deadlands: The Kid and a Deadlands Reloaded book of your choice! (Books available through this promotion are listed below.)

Yep, two books FREE just for ordering one! We’re already getting hits on this special campaign so make sure you get yours and fill your local retailer in so they can shoot for their own prize!

That’s right, Retailers, we’ve got something special for you too. Whichever store gets the most posts on our little gift giveaway will win a COMPLETE Visionary Comics’ print library! Yep, two copies of each of our trade collections, including both volumes of Headlocked,  and Visions, as well as Frog Princess, a limited collector’s exclusive edition of Dead Man’s Hand, and our Kickstarter exclusive volume Deadlands: Raven. We’ll even throw in a copy of our next exclusive volume, The Cackler when it releases! As a final bonus, you’ll get an autographed collector’s pack of the original one-shots, including signatures by most of the creators. That’s a market value of over $300 worth of collectible comics! So, keep the forms handy, tell folks about the promotions, and make sure all your horror-western fans know about Dead Man’s Hand! They’ll thank you for it!

BoomtownsList of Available Deadlands: Reloaded Titles:

  • Bad Times on the Good Night
  • Coffin Rock
  • Deadlands Trail Guides Volume 1
  • Deluge
  • Devil’s Night
  • Don’t Drink the Water
  • For Whom the Whistle Blows
  • Ghost Towns
  • Grim Prairie Trails
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Donner
  • Cowboy KillersHigh Plains Drovers
  • Marshal’s Handbook
  • Marshal’s Handbook Ext. Edition
  • Murder on the Hellstromme Express
  • Player’s Guide
  • Player’s Guide Ext. Edition
  • Range War
  • Return to Manitou Bluff
  • Saddle Sore
  • Smith and Robards Catalog
  • South O’ The Border
  • Temple of the Sun
  • The Flood
  • The Great Northwest
  • The Inheritors
  • The Last Sons

Interview With Deadlands’ Creator Shane Hensley: Part II

VIS: Welcome Back Gang! As we close out 2014, we wanted to make sure we wrapped this in depth interview between the two top guns of Pinnacle and Visionary! Last time, Visionary’s own CCO C. Edward Sellner, interviewed Deadlands creator Shane Hensley about the game and all the great developments coming at you this coming year. This time, we talk a little more with both about the next phase! Alright gents, last time we just mentioned the coming of THE CACKLER, the next Deadlands Kickstarter Graphic Novel. So, let’s pick up right where we left off. Why now? Why a graphic novel?

SH: We’ve been chasing a live action show as well as the animated show I talked about for almost 20 years at this point. We’re also coming up on the 20th anniversary of Deadlands, and we’ve got some really big plans for the roleplaying game. We also now have a partner in you folks at Visionary that really gets what we’re trying to do and has a long-term plan for our comics and fiction.

CES: Well, mostly thanks to such a great partner there! All of us at the studio absolutely love the property, we love the backstory, the richness of the world, and all the great villains. The first round of one-shots was really the highlight of the studio’s history as far as we’re concerned, a chance to really strut what we could do with the right brand.

SH: The first foray into our comics had some tremendous talent, one of which was Bart Sears. When Chuck asked if I’d like to finally tell the story of the Cackler with Bart, there was no way I could say no.

VIS: What’s it been like working with Bart and Visionary?

SH: I’ve been reading comics for over 40 years…since I could read…so getting to write a real meaty book like this is a treat all on its own. Chuck Sellner (and Brand Manager Matt Cutter) have really helped me hone whatever skill I might have and I think people will love the end result of what is truly a team effort. That was before I saw Bart’s art—particularly the initial shot of the Cackler, and later his crew. It’s been the screen saver on my computer for over a month now! But it goes beyond just cool characters. Bart took the first few pages of the script we wrote and made a few changes—changes we all instantly agreed were even better. He truly is a natural and visual storyteller, and if fans like the book that eventually sits in their hands, it will be first because of the great editing and advice by Matt and Chuck, and by Bart’s eye for making those words flow into the visual medium.

VIS: And how about your end Chuck? What’s it like working with Shane and Bart on this book?

CES: Shane is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known. He’s a top notch creator, and really gets the process. This is his world, his story, but his willingness to let the comic guys help craft the final product says a lot. And of course, Bart is one of my idols in comics. I’ve loved his art since forever, and as great as it was having him on Death Was Silent, working directly with him, and coloring his art is a new high mark in my own career.

VIS: Where does Deadlands go from here?

SH: There is so much on the horizon. In addition to the Dead Man’s Hand direct edition and The Cackler from Visionary, this year sees the release of the novels from Tor, written by New York Times Bestselling Authors Jonathan Maberry, Jeff Marriotte, and Seanan McGuire—we’re SUPER excited about that. We’re also gearing up for the 20th anniversary and a brand new surprise and direction for the game—some of which stems directly from the tale of the Cackler. There’s support for our Deadlands spinoffs Hell on Earth and Noir, and re-release of the original “Deadlands in Space,” Lost Colony. And there’s a whole new Deadlands setting coming in the next few years as well we think people will really go nuts for. And if we’re lucky, we’ll have another crack at that television show or feature we’ve been chasing so long.

My Comic Life Debuts January 4th

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New Ongoing Strip-Series Debuts with new strips every Sunday! Visionary’s Chief Creative Officer is about to open the door to see life behind the scenes at up and coming studio Visionary Comics, with a twist. This new weekly strip debuts on our web-comics portal January 4th, with new strips being added every Sunday! Get a glimpse into the wild, wacky and downright hilarious life of a comic creator, by C. Edward Sellner, with lettering and design by Jacob Bascle! Each new strip will be featured on our Webcomics Page, and the entire series will be FREE through our site!


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  2. […] Official site | Action A Go Go on Twitter and Instagram |Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments […]

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