My Comic Life Column Archive

My Comic Life Column Archive


C. Edward Sellner croppedWelcome to the Archive and Resources Page for my weekly column, My Comic Life. On this page, you will be able to find a master list of all my columns, so if you missed any, you can catch up anytime.

You can check them out in order of release, or check out the topics and category listings to focus on specific areas of interest. Resources mentioned in columns are then all collected below.




Categories (alphabetical order)
Career Building

Tools of the Trade




Chronological Order of Release


Creating Comics (General)

Glossary of Comics Terminology is a Wikipedia listing of terms used  by professionals for working in comics.

Creating Comics is a clearinghouse of resources about every arena of comics, from creative production through to publishing. Created by Dave A. Law, the site isn’t updated anymore and some of the links no longer work, but plenty still do, and they go to numerous articles, series, books, and tools for every aspiring creator.

Making is another clearinghouse site of resources, covering every topic from creation, to production, marketing to selling and even legal advice. It’s more current, with new updates regularly and also includes a number of links to other resources online, such as reading lists, and even recommended software. has a dedicated section on it’s site all about creating comics. They also include links to outside resources, with a focus on different areas of creative work and more practical topics.


Gray’s Anatomy is the famous Gray’s Anatomy online, and no, not the show, but the ultimate reference to how the human body works. It includes diagrams and illustrations that show the anatomical features of every part of the body.

Anatomy 360 is a site with 3-D scanned models where you can rotate the figures 360 degrees and alter the lighting. (This site is still in development.)

Posemaniacs is an active site with uploaded 3-D anatomical figures of various proportions, in various poses, that you can rotate 360 degrees.

Comic Scripting and Script Resources

Comic Book Script Archive is a treasure trove of scripts from many different writers, showing the diversity of styles and approach. For those just starting, keep in mind, scripts will often reflect shortcuts worked out between creators who’ve worked together many times, so not all will be representative of best practices for starting out.

Comic Art

Standard 300DPI Comic Page Template TIFF File Download

Standard 300DPI Double-Page Spread Template TIFF File Download

Printable Paper has a number of basic comic page panel layout templates you can download for doing layouts and practice.


Blambot is a definitive resource site for lettering comics, with fonts, tutorials, and additional resources.

Tools and Resources for Freelancing

Work-for-Hire Contract Template – A basic template contract for use by freelancers and creators.


The Center for Cartoon Studies is a college level program that offers courses in creating comics. They offer a rounded curriculum that includes learning the history of the medium and then everything from writing, to illustrating and finally self-publishing and marketing a comic book.

Joe Kubert’s World of Cartooning is exclusively for aspiring comic book artists. They offer a full range of classes and include correspondence courses.


Blue Line Comic Pro art supplies provide perhaps the most popular comic art boards on the market. With Pro and Custom boards marked with bleed and trim lines as well as panel hash marks, these are great time-savers for artists.

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