Visionary is Currently Seeking Interns

CMYK_LogoVisionary is currently accepting applications for its internship program. Potential candidates must be:

  • Local to Annapolis or College Park, Maryland;
  • 18 years or older;
  • Have a minimal background in writing, and/or art as well as basic computer skills.

Interns will be required to commit a certain number of hours every week to studio operations, and in return will receive both one-on-one and group instruction, training and supervision.

Download our Visionary Internship Overview.

To inquire about the program email our CCO, C. Edward Sellner for details.

Jeff Mariotte


Partner / Editor-in-Chief / Author
Division Chief
Visionary Books

Jeffrey J. Mariotte is the award-winning, bestselling author of more than fifty novels and well over a hundred comic books and graphic novels.

He has worked as VP of marketing for WildStorm Productions/ Image Comics, senior editor for WildStorm Productions/ DC Comics, and editor-in-chief for IDW Publishing, and he’s a co-owner of specialty bookstore Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego and Redondo Beach, CA.

For Visionary, he is a partner in the studio and serves as the editor-in-chief, while heading up the new Visionary Books Division. He is also consigliere to the capo di tutti capi.

Professional Website / Facebook / Twitter

Brian Augustyn

photo(ba2)Partner / Writer / Editor
Division Chief Visionary Comics

Brian Augustyn has worked as a writer and editor in comics for many years, including a long stint as editor at DC Comics. There he oversaw top selling titles, bringing characters that had fallen from the spotlight back into the forefront. He also wrote many series for them, including the award-winning first Elseworlds story, creating the line with Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. Brian helped launch the careers of many of the best talents now known in the industry, and his influence continue to shape it.

In 2006 Brian lent his insight and skills to a neophyte studio looking to make its mark, and thus Visionary was born. He now returns to lead the Comics Division, working as writer and editor for upcoming books.

Mike Munshaw


Partner / Operations Chief / Artist

Having studied Illustration and Graphic Design in college, Mike’s artwork background includes penciling, inking, and sketch card art. He has worked on numerous Sketch Card Projects for companies such as Cryptozoic, 5finity, Viceroy, Bad Axe Studios, and Galan Sketch Art Productions and done inking work for Visionary.

Mike is a partner in the studio, and now serves as Operations Chief, managing day to day business, finances and project work in multiple arenas, even as he continues to contribute creatively to upcoming projects.

Deviant Art / Twitter

Kas R. DeCarvalho

PLDW.Kas.Headshot.High Rez.June 2013Partner / Development Chief /
Legal Representation

Kas R. DeCarvalho is a Partner with Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC and a member of the firm’s Corporate & Business Team.

He has more than 15 years of experience as a corporate attorney and business leader, with a focus in arts and entertainment law.

Attorney DeCarvalho provides legal services to a wide range of businesses and individuals and has been counsel to Visionary since its inception.

PLDW Website / Twitter

Cathy Dougherty

Cathy Dougherty of Visionary Comics production studioAdmin Director / Writer – Artist
Division Chief Children’s Books

Cathy is an aspiring artist and storyteller who loves comics, books and cons. Her unique organizational talents has helped Visionary vastly grow its events schedule and brand, and she will now work to move the studio into the popular and fast growing children’s book market.

With a background as a Professional Volunteer, Cathy has honed her skills working with kids of all ages – from diapers to driver’s ed. She’s the manic mom to three awesome teenagers and the spouse of one very patient husband.


Christiaan Conover


Video Production

Christiaan Conover is a web developer and designer. He is the video producer for Visionary.

Professional Website / Twitter

Natalie Ekelund


Marketing Director / Development

Natalie is a Project Manager by day and Student/Intern by night.

With her experience in Marketing and studies in Graphic Design, she brings many skills to the table and hopes to improve upon and learn even more.

Interests include: Comics, Movies, Conventions, Cosplay, Steampunk, Crafting, Baking and organizing events.

LinkedIn  / Facebook

Jacob Bascle


Production Chief / Letterer

Raised in the swamps of Louisiana and trained in the finer points of graphic design in Minnesota’s frozen tundra, Jacob now calls the beaches of Southern California home.

He likes putting letters on top of other people’s artwork and on front of their books.

When not handling lettering, logo design and production for Visionary, he’s either gaming or hanging out with his girlfriend Katie, son Xander and their cats Mischief and Mayhem.


C. Edward Sellner

C. Edward Sellner croppedCo-Founder / Co-CEO / Writer-Artist
Chief Creative Officer

Working for over four years behind the scenes in a number of  other studios and small publishers, Sellner launched Visionary in 2006, to be a banner of quality and integrity in the entertainment industry.

He has worked professionally as a comics writer, colorist and artist, and also as a prose author and screenwriter. He serves as the CCO for Visionary and primary overseer on all projects.


Google+ / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / Blog / Deviant Art / LinkedIn / Patreon
Contact him at [email protected]

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